Buzz Out Loud 1580: Men have little interest in Pinterest (Podcast)

Rafe Needleman and Donald Bell join Brian Tong on the show today to discuss all the new video-streaming options coming down the pipe. We got Amazon, Viacom, HBO, Netflix, Verizon, Redbox, and now possibly another service called Quickflix. Which one will you choose? In other news, the iPad 3 is coming in March, and we investigate who exactly Pinterest appeals to. If you are a guy you most likely have no interest in Pinterest.

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Is HBO's investment in Netflix-like firm a strategy shift?

At a time when HBO tries to downplay the suggestion that any significant rivalry exists between it and Netflix, managers there have worked to acquire a Netflix lookalike in Australia.

And get this: the name of this video rental service HBO bought is Quickflix.

Seem familiar? The name sounds like a blend of Netflix and the company's ill-fated spinoff, known as Qwikster. HBO's managers had to know how it would look for the premium cable channel to invest $10 million in a company with a name like that.

Not surprisingly, some media outlets are writing that HBO's … Read more