Supreme Court denies Psystar's appeal in Mac clone case

The U.S. Supreme Court today denied Psystar's request to review a lower court decision that keeps it from selling computers that run Apple's OS X but that are not made by Apple.

The decision not to hear the case (PDF) upholds a ruling made by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit last September that Psystar's Mac clones violate Apple's copyrights.

Apple took Psystar to court in 2008 on claims of copyright-infringement after the company made a business out of purchasing copies of OS X and selling them on hardware it put … Read more

Apple loses bid to seal already public OS information

A federal judge has denied Apple's effort to seal information related to its copyright infringement case against Psystar, ruling that information already publicly available on the Internet and in print is no longer protectable.

Apple had attempted to seal documents containing information about its Mac OS X operating system and computer products as a trade secret, presumably to keep others from modifying Apple's OS to run on unauthorized hardware. Apple argued that because it was not the source of the information that the trade secret protection still existed.

However, U.S. Federal District Judge William Alsup disagreed in … Read more

Psystar closes up shop...or does it?

Last one out at Psystar, turn off the lights.

After being ordered by a federal judge on Tuesday to stop selling its Mac clones, Psystar was reported to be going out of business, according to a Dow Jones Newswires story on Thursday. Psystar's Web site was also inaccessible late this week.

Psystar attorney Eugene Action told Dow Jones that founder and President Rudy Pedraza will be "shutting things down immediately," and that all eight employees will be let go. However, Computerworld reported Friday that another attorney for Psystar, K.A.D. Camara, of the Houston, Texas, firm … Read more

Mac clones through the years

With Psystar barred permanently by a judge from selling anymore Open Computers, the Mac clone maker became just one in a string of companies that have tried selling Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware.

During Apple's three decades in business, it has at some points licensed its operating system for use on third-party computers. But since CEO Steve Jobs' return in 1997, the policy has been clear: Apple will be the only company allowed to sell Mac OS preinstalled.

Though Psystar tried and failed, there are still two companies out there--safely outside the U.S. and the reach of … Read more

Apple wins permanent injunction against Psystar


After 17 months of litigation, the hammer has finally fallen on Psystar.

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California on Tuesday granted Apple's request for permanent injunction against the Mac clone maker. This bars Psystar from peddling PCs with the Mac OS X operating system preinstalled, from circumventing the technological measures Apple uses to prevent unauthorized copying of Mac OS X, and from assisting others in doing so.

"Defendant must bring its conduct into compliance with the injunction by midnight on December 31, 2009, at the latest," U.S. District Judge William Alsup … Read more

Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1117: There will be Facebook groups!

Facebook's changing its privacy policy, and Molly and Rafe predict there will be groups. I don't think anyone cares about regional groups, but hey, I could be wrong. We also talk about why Steve Jobs personally approved an app that currently doesn't work. And Richard comes up with a brilliant idea for the future of news.

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Psystar ceases sales of Mac clones

As part of Psystar's partial settlement with Apple, all models of the company's Open Computer featuring preinstalled Mac OS have been removed from its Web site.

A quick visit to Wednesday morning reveals all five products the Mac clone maker had been selling since 2008 are suddenly "out of stock." It follows Tuesday's partial settlement, in which the Florida-based Psystar agreed to pay $2.65 million to Apple for copyright infringement, in exchange for Apple dropping the other claims of trademark infringement and unfair competition.

Though Psystar has agreed to a settlement payment … Read more

Apple vs Psystar: Goliath wins

Apple's ongoing copyright infringement dispute with Mac clone maker Psystar is getting a bit of attention these days as the January 10 date of the trial draws nearer and both companies have tried to settle without going to trial. When Psystar first started selling Mac clones, Apple seemed uncharacteristically silent and did not respond to inquiry about the situation. When it finally did several months later, it appeared it was not going to pursue the situation with a "cease and desist" atmosphere. Now it's clear that Apple took a measured response to not only squash Psystar's Mac clone efforts, but also to ward off others interested in cloning Macs.… Read more

Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1116: Humanity annoys Natali

Yahoo and Google have released their top search terms of the year and--no surprise--it's full of pop culture icons and references, which makes Natali mad. Also making people mad is the new Microsoft black screen of death, which Microsoft still doesn't see. Also, YouTube wants back into the TV business, but this time the aim to do it legally and charge you.

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