Review: Bubble Pops! is a slower, less interesting version of a familiar game

Bubble Pops! takes a familiar formula and repackages it in a three-colored experience that offers little or nothing new over other matching games in this genre. The result is a game you'll feel like you've played a hundred times before.

The concept is very familiar. Onscreen you'll find dozens of bubbles of three different colors. Tap a group of like-colored bubbles to pop and remove them from the screen. The rest then drop down to fill that space. However, where other games have restrictions on the minimum number of bubbles you can pop, or offer power-ups and … Read more

How to migrate to Gmail

If you're still holding onto an old AOL e-mail account or using the one your ISP (Internet Service Provider) gave you, it might be time to consider switching to Gmail. Gmail offers a ton of storage (currently at 10GB and growing), spam filtering at the server-level, two-step verification, and access from any Web browser or mobile device. In other words, it's secure, reliable, and convenient. And if you spend any time at all on a tablet or smartphone, the Gmail apps provide an unrivaled experience.

Migrating your old e-mail account to Gmail isn't that difficult and Gmail … Read more

The 404 1,162: Where we protect our necks (podcast)

Questions answered on today's episode of The 404 Show:

- What's the point of having an LCD screen and buttons on my credit card?

- What comes in the Nintendo Wii U box, why do people love unboxing videos so much, and why does my brain feel like it's being massaged? Side note: ASMR Subreddit

- What's the history of Goatse.cx and how can I use it to ruin everyone's day?

- How can I sucker someone into giving me free money for the holidays?… Read more

Centralize your e-mail on Gmail.

I haven't checked my ISP mail inbox for about six months, but that doesn't mean I'm out of touch. I get the messages delivered to my Gmail account automatically, which allows me to read the mail on any PC with an Internet connection. I can even reply or send new messages in Gmail as if they came from the address my ISP supplied.

Start by logging into your Gmail account, or if you don't already have one, sign up here. Click Settings in the top-right corner of your inbox, and then choose Accounts. To receive mail … Read more

Calgoo Calendar goes 2.0, gets face-lift

Calgoo, the Java-based app that syncs up your online and offline calendars (previous coverage here), launches its second version today, and has graduated from a closed beta to a public download. With the update comes support for iCal, Microsoft Outlook, and both tiers of Google Apps (free and premiere). It's also undergone a face-lift that makes it similar to Apple's iCal with a touch of Outlook.

Calgoo does require a small download, but what's nice is that you can create appointments and schedule your Google Calendar without going online. The next time you're able to connect, … Read more