Pizza Hut table lets you touch-screen your toppings

Touch-screen tables already exist. Pizza Hut restaurants already exist. Put the two together and you end up with a touch-screen table concept for ordering pizzas using your fingers.

The concept video was developed in conjunction with design agency Chaotic Moon Studios. It demonstrates how an interactive touch-screen table could be used to choose every little detail of your pizza order, from the size of the pie to how the toppings are distributed. It also shows customers using the table to pay with a mobile wallet on an iPhone and playing games while waiting for the order to come.… Read more

Pizza made to survive 3 years, 50-foot drops

There are obviously a number of things that soldiers deployed overseas miss about home, but there's one request Jeremy Whitsitt of the Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center has heard over and over again.

"Since the dawn of time... pizza has been one of the most requested and sought-after components in an MRE," Whitsitt told Military Times. "We're finally cracking the code in getting the crust and the cheese and the meat to all live happily in a pouch for three years, without refrigeration."… Read more

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet pizza oven cranks up the heat

I sure could go for a slice of pizza right now, how about you? Might as well get a whole pie, right? I mean, it holds up nicely in the fridge and then there will be leftovers; leftover pizza is always good to have around. What's that you say? You would rather have something fresh and homemade? Well sure, but you know the oven doesn't get hot enough. Look out back...? Oh, what's that?

That is the Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Artisan Fire Pizza Oven and it wants to bake your pizza. Not only does the outdoor countertop … Read more

Pizza Hut: Xbox 360 owners are really hungry

Pizza Hut has found a delicious home on the Xbox 360.

Speaking to Polygon in an interview published Wednesday, Pizza Hut public relations director Doug Terfehr said that his company's app on the Xbox 360 has "been a source of unbelievable growth for us." According to Terfehr, Pizza Hut has generated $1 million in revenue after just four months on the console.

Pizza Hut launched its app on Xbox Live last year. The app allows gamers to place their pizza orders from the console, and then either pick them up or have them delivered.

Terfehr wouldn't … Read more

3D-printed pizza: Here's what it looks like

I'm guessing you usually make or order a pizza like the cavemen used to do it. That's so yesterday. Start-up company Natural Machines is now tempting our tummies with a 3D-printed pizza made using its working prototype Foodini food printer.

Natural Machines shared a four-step photo collage of the pizza being made. It starts with the Foodini piping dough down in a tight spiral. This phase of the process isn't exactly tummy-rumbling due to the less-than-attractive look of the dough. The next step involves a spiral of bright red sauce. … Read more

Crave Ep. 145: Leave digital cookie crumbs all over with the GPS Cookie

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This week we take a first look at the GPS Cookie which records your movements onto a microSD card. Lady Gaga announces a concert in space for 2015, and we can order pizza with a push of a button. All that and more, this week on Crave. Read more

PiePal orders pizza with the push of a button

Let's examine the evolution of pizza ordering. In the olden days, you went to a pizza parlor to order. Then, phone ordering and delivery popped up. More recently, online ordering willed itself into existence, meaning you didn't have to talk to a person anymore.

The next step of the evolution has just happened. With PiePal from iStrategyLabs, you dial in your number of pizzas, push a button, and your pizza is magically delivered.… Read more

Man tries to rip chained iPad from pizza joint counter, fails

If you choose not to buy an iPad -- a new or an ancient one -- it is inadvisable to steal one.

I know some people may think this is an easy option. After all, iPads are so very portable, and they seem to be everywhere these days.

Yet, there are commercial establishments that have prepared themselves against iPad thieves by sturdily chaining the machines.

One thief was not to be foiled.

As NBC Chicago reports, the man stared through the window of an empty Pie Hole Pizza Joint in Lakeview, Chicago, at 6.a.m. last Saturday. He was … Read more

Mathematician works out formula for perfect pizza

You may think you know how to make a mean pizza pie. You stretch out the dough and eyeball the toppings, but you're still operating in the realm of guesswork. To turn out a truly fine pizza, you need cold, hard math to back you up. You need Eugenia Cheng, a mathematician with the University of Sheffield in the UK.

Cheng turned her considerable skills toward the noble pursuit of figuring out a formula for creating the perfect pizza. She shares her results in a paper titled "On the perfect size for a pizza (PDF)." Go check it out for all the juicy mathematical details.… Read more