OneStop is your first stop to video converting

Streamlined and easy to use, OneStop Video Converter Pro is an all-around video downloader and converter tool. Clip Extractor, the company behind the popular Mega Video Converter, brings you a quick and dirty downloader compatible with most major sites.

OneStop Pro Supports

YouTube Vimeo Break MetaCafe Blip Megavideo Dailymotion Collegehumor and more!

Converter features:

Fast-converting speed and zero-quality loss. Processes multiple files in the same session. Converts video between AVI, MOV, MP4, 3GP, MPG, FLV, WMV, WMA, and MP3. Compatible with iPod, iPhone, PSP, and Windows Phone.

With a classically easy-to-use interface, OneStop Video Converter Pro can make online videos … Read more

Optimize video viewing experience

The Power Video Cutter is a tool for converting videos from one format to another and to perform simple editing to cut out part of a file and create a new file. While novice users might need to spend some time with the Help file before cutting files, the app proved easy to use.

The program's compact interface looks professional and clean, with large buttons to locate the source file and output directory. Nearly 20 file types are supported, including FLV, DVD, MP4, and AVI. The download process for acquiring videos off of YouTube is quick and they have … Read more

This faux Sony PSP costs $66 and runs Android 4.0

If you need a daily dose of gaming on the cheap and don't mind exploring the seedy underworld of imitation hardware, check out the S602, a ridiculous $66 Sony PSP lookalike by Chinese company JXD.

Aside from looking almost exactly like a Sony PSP, the device features Android 4.0 and an ARM Cortex A8 1GHz processor, PowerVR SGX531 graphics, Wi-Fi, and 512MB of DDR3 RAM. The 4.3-inch touch screen (resistive) displays a resolution of 480x272 and also supports 1,080P HDMI out. Unlike most modern consumer electronics sold here in the U.S., the little handheld that could supports a healthy amount of multimedia formats and codecs. … Read more

Back to school tech gifts (2012)

Subscribe: RSS (SD) RSS (HD) iTunes (SD) iTunes (HD) When I think about college, all the fun memories come to mind -- the kind of fun that makes me grateful Facebook didn't exist back then.

But time has a way of helping you forget what a traumatic, mind-bending hell college really is. And if your kid or someone you know is heading back to school soon, there's a good chance that he or she is justifiably freaking out right now.

That kid needs your help, and we're here to help you. CNET has published its annual back to school tech guide, … Read more

Want fries with that? The best cooked tech

Consumer gadgets can be very addictive. Almost as addictive as french fries, onion rings, and anything else you can cook in hot oil. Even the gadgets themselves.

Photographer Henry Hargreaves has captured our insatiable hunger for new technology with a series of startling images of deep-fried electronics. We already knew we were digital junkies, but these images don't go down so easily. … Read more

Sony paints the PSP blue

Time just keeps ticking for the aging PlayStation Portable, as Sony released a new color variant for the gaming handheld in Japan earlier this week.

A value pack containing the new two-tone sky and marine blue PSP doesn't offer anything different from the 3-year-old PSP-3000. We admire the stylish contrast between the two different shades of blue, and minor details like the yellow text on the front looks swell. … Read more

The next PlayStation Vita can, and should, be a phone

I've had the PlayStation Vita for a week. In that time, I've been impressed with the system's potential, and I appreciate the effectiveness of its dual analog sticks, but I've come away with one conclusion stronger than all the others:

The Vita needs to be a phone.

By that I mean, in a phone. The current PS Vita, despite coming in a 3G version with AT&T mobile broadband, is far too large, and obviously couldn't be a phone, unless you used a Bluetooth or wired headset (then again, the Samsung Galaxy Note is basically the same size). However, the fingerprints of a phonelike OS are everywhere. The large, multitouch OLED screen, the gesture-based motions, the Android/iOS-like app icons, the open app pages, the Web browser, the Twitter app, the front- and rear-facing cameras...the PS Vita is so much like a phone that it becomes confusing to describe to anyone who hasn't heard of it before.

I've explained the Vita to several people who didn't know about it, and while "next-generation PSP" does get used quite a bit, so does "like a phone." The interface and the downloadable music, movies, and apps are phonelike, not gamelike.

Here's why I think it could, and should, happen.… Read more

PSP games that secretly run on the Vita: All you need is a PS3

The PS Vita is a pretty phenomenal piece of hardware that's technically capable of being backward-compatible with the entire PSP library. Alas, at this point, the list of PSP games you can download onto your PS Vita is limited. Sure, there are plenty of great older games (and lots of great brand-new ones, too), but there are many missing titles. Browse the list for yourself.

Sony says the list of backward-compatible games will continue to grow, but why wait? There are actually plenty of other PSP games you can play on your PS Vita right now, but you'll need a PS3 to make it happen. They may not be listed on Sony's backward-compatibility list, but they certainly work.… Read more

What the PS Vita really needs: Versatility

I went to Sony's PlayStation Vita page and counted the number of non-gaming apps promoted for its next-generation handheld game system: 18. That's it. The iPhone? Well over half a million (games included).

Sure, the Vita's 18 apps beat what most other handheld game systems have by a landslide. That's just on day one; I expect at least a solid handful of other apps to follow. Still, it's a concern. More than that, I see it as the Vita's biggest key to surviving: apps must be a focus. Games, too, of course, but most definitely apps.

We no longer use handhelds for a single purpose anymore, for the most part. The PlayStation Vita is, undoubtedly, a superior piece of gaming hardware. I've been playing with one for the past few days, and despite its familiar looks, the quality of the hardware bleeds out the pores. From the screen to the controls, it's designed to stand out. Sony's expertise in making games is also largely uncontested. Let's put both of those elements aside, because few will question the Vita's ability to play excellent games.

What many will question, though, is how versatile the Vita is, and how approachable to nongamers.… Read more

HTC smartphones and tablets may get PlayStation certification first

The Sony PlayStation mobile gaming empire could expand its borders to HTC gadgets next.

That's right, if a Pocket-lint report pans out, you'll be able to play PlayStation-branded game titles on on HTC smartphones and tablets soon.

My instant reaction to this nugget of potential news was joy and giddiness. Perhaps I'll be finally be able to enjoy a few PSP breaks during my daytime commute. Then cold hard reality set in when I realized PlayStation certified doesn't mean PSP certified.

Remember the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play? That was a device full of promise, billed to … Read more