Buzz Out Loud 1569: Find love on Skout and fall in love with Gene Simmons (all over again) (Podcast)

On today's Most Epic Buzz Out Loud Episode Ever, we interview the founders of Skout.com and find out there's an easier way to find love and friendship all around you than the way you have to do it in Sweden. Also, how Verizon is trying to murder the Galaxy Nexus and Google is letting it. Plus, David Lucatch (don't get his name wrong, take it from me) and Gene Simmons (yes, THAT Gene Simmons) join us to talk about the magic wand that is Ortsbo. We'd believe it even if Gene didn't say so.

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Kiss rockers to showcase Babel-busting tech

How do you say "I want to rock and roll all night and party every day" in Dutch, Taiwanese, or Swahili?

You might be able to find out today when Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, two members of the iconic glam rock band Kiss, take part in a real-time "multi-language global chat" with fans.

The chat is, of course, designed to bring attention to Ortsbo.com, a language translation service. From the press release: "Ortsbo.com eliminates the need to cut, copy and paste text into a translator by automatically translating typed text into the … Read more