OnyX (Mavericks) for Mac review

OnyX (Mavericks) for Mac is a maintenance and optimization software tool created to evaluate the integrity of startup files, but it can do more than checking and verification. As the name implies, it works best with Mac OS X 10.9 or the Mavericks version.


Enables modifications on Mac OS X elements: OnyX (Mavericks) for Mac does a great job at bringing out the functions you may not know in Mac OS X. You can modify the Dock, QuickTime, Safari, iTunes, Mail, Spotlight, and the Log-in, as well as disable the creation of DS_Store files. You can also specify … Read more

What's My Computer Doing?

At the end of a sweltering wedding season, many of us may be familiar with that drunken guest who falls asleep at dinner and is startled awake later, exclaiming "What's going on? Where am I? ... Where are the cookies?"

Those hazy, existential queries of the inappropriately inebriated aren't much different than the plaintive cries of modern PC users. Amid a shifting landscape of services, processes, modules, add-ons, plug-ins, drivers, BHOs, and DLLs--new Windows and Mac users trying to learn what the operating system is actually doing as their boxes suddenly whir can often feel overwhelmed. Here … Read more

Powerful utility to check files and parameters on Mac OS X

OnyX is a utility for Macs that allows you to check the integrity of your startup files, as well as configure some hidden parameters of your system. There are OnyX versions for the latest releases of Mac OS X (and they are not cross-release compatible) so you have to download the appropriate version. The download is free and OnyX installs easily as long as you allow installs from non-App Store sources.

OnyX can verify your startup disk and the System file structure. By itself, this is a useful function in case of system issues. However, OnyX does more, allowing you … Read more

SiOnyx lasers blast solar cells to tweak efficiency

In the pursuit of squeezing more current from a solar cell, Harvard spin-off SiOnyx is using lasers.

The company today announced third-party tests found its Black Silicon laser texturing process increases the efficiency of traditional silicon cells by 0.3 percent. That may sound minor, but it takes solar manufacturers about a year to achieve that sort of gain through process changes, said Chris Vineis, director of solar technology at SiOnyx.

The company plans to license its technology, which essentially scans a pattern on the surface of solar-grade silicon, to solar manufacturers. In traditional solar production, pure silicon is sliced … Read more

SiOnyx 'black silicon' boosts solar cells with lasers

Harvard University spinoff SiOnyx has raised money to commercialize a semiconductor technology with the potential to improve solar-cell efficiency and light sensors in digital cameras.

The Beverly, Mass.-based company today announced its $12.5 million series B round of funding which brought in laser manufacturer Coherent and Vulcan Capital, the venture investment firm started by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

With the money, SiOnyx will be seeking to hire more people to commercialize its "black silicon" technology in consumer electronics and solar-cell manufacturing, CEO Stephen Saylor.

The company is developing a semiconductor process to blast silicon with a … Read more

Four free apps to give your new Mac a little boost

Apple has announced its annual Back to School promotion, which includes an online rebate for $199 toward the purchase of an iPod Touch. But, though your new Mac is great out of the box, here are a few free applications you might want to add right away.

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OCZ intros 'affordable' Onyx solid-state drive

More storage vendors are introducing solid-state hard drives these days; however, SSD prices have yet to go down to anywhere near the price of traditional hard drives. Sadly, the new SSD from OCZ hasn't changed that.

The company, known mostly as a maker of system memory, introduced its OCZ Onyx drive on Wednesday. According to OCZ, the drive offers "reliable performance without the high price normally associated with SSD drives." Yet the drive costs about $100 for the 32GB version. In comparison, you can get a 500GB high-speed SATA2 hard drive for about the same price.

Nonetheless, … Read more

MacFixIt Answers

MacFixIt Answers is a feature from MacFixIt where our editors answer questions e-mailed to us by our readers. We have been getting regular contacts and questions from our readers, and hope to share our correspondences so everyone may benefit and contribute to them. This week we have questions about e-mail attachments not being recognized, troubles with OnyX, iPhoto e-mail attachments changing font size, and concerns about the latest iMac firmware updates.… Read more

Snow Leopard: Save as... dialogue sheepish; Slow to appear

Some users have been reporting that the Save and Save as... dialogue windows have been extremely slow to appear, in some cases over a minute and often resulting in the spinning beach ball. This issue seems to span across multiple applications, including TextEdit, Word, Excel, and other Mac OS X programs.… Read more