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Android games can play nice with iOS

CNET Update is waiting for Player 2:

In this episode of Update:

- Don't let different operating systems determine who can be your Player 2. Google gave Android game developers the power of cross-platform multiplayer support, along with other perks like Game Gifts.

- Change the Google Play Store password permissions if you worry about kids making purchases on your device.

- Download a free version of Microsoft OneNote for Mac and Windows.

- Have more choice in your Surface shopping, now that the Microsoft is selling an 4G LTE version of the Windows tablet.

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Microsoft OneNote arrives as Mac, Windows freebie

A week ago, word leaked that Microsoft was preparing to release free versions of OneNote for Mac and for the Windows desktop. On March 17, Microsoft delivered both versions of its electronic note-taking and organizational application.

Microsoft is broadening OneNote's platform support so as to better compete with rivals, especially Evernote, on the note-taking/organizational front.

OneNote for Mac is available for download from the Mac App Store as of today. It's the first time OneNote has been available for the Mac. Previously, OneNote was available for Windows, Windows 8, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, Android phones, … Read more

Microsoft to offer OneNote for Mac for free

Microsoft is continuing to bang the OneNote note-taking drum.

The company is preparing to release a free, full-fledged OneNote for Mac application "soon," according to my sources. The Verge's Tom Warren is hearing the same.

I'm hearing OneNote also will be released as a free app for desktop Windows, as well. Right now, it's part of the paid suite of Office applications (though the OneNote Web App and the Metro-Style Windows 8 versions are free.)

Microsoft already offers versions of its OneNote app for the iPad and iPhone, as well as for Android phones, but … Read more

Microsoft relaunches Office Web Apps as Office Online

The online version of Microsoft Office has a new name, along with some new features intended to streamline certain activities.

Why the name change? In a blog post on Wednesday, Office Online product marketing manager Amanda Lefebvre acknowledged that the name Office Web Apps confused users. Some apparently thought they had venture to an app store to find the software and then manually install it.

"No, to use them all you need is a web browser," Lefebvre said. "Ah! You say. So it's like Office, online. Yes, exactly. Office Online."

Beyond a new name, the … Read more

OneDrive replaces SkyDrive, and adds features in the offing

Microsoft OneDrive is a revamped version of the company's cloud storage service (formerly called SkyDrive) that lets you store files in the cloud outside of your computer or smartphone, so that they're accessible from any device connected to the Internet. With the news, the company also added some tweaks to its accompanying app for iOS.

OneDrive is just one of many cloud services available, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, but has the unique advantage of working flawlessly with Microsoft Office documents as long as you also own the Office app with a subscription to Office 365. Without … Read more

Is OneNote for iPad now usable?

When we last saw OneNote for the iPad, we felt that as though Microsoft released its venerable note-taking app for its chief rival's device against its own will. The OneNote iPad app was so severely limited that only the most ardent OneNote users could find it useful. The updated app offers a boatload of improvements, though it still holds onto one limitation that makes the iPad users feel like second-class citizens to their Windows brethren.

And what is this egregious limitation to which I refer? Why, it's the simple task of creating a new notebook or even a … Read more

Note-taking on the iPad with the new-and-improved Outline+ app

If you are a OneNote addict and an iPad user and haven't yet discovered Outline+, now is the time to take the plunge. This already excellent OneNote app for the iPad received an updated recently that brings a host of new features, including support for SkyDrive, external keyboards, inking, and sharing via PDF.

Before the app was updated, you could sync Outline+ with your OneNote notes via Dropbox or iTunes, but given the fact that OneNote and SkyDrive both sprang from the loins of Microsoft, it's probably a good guess that there are people out there who use … Read more

Review: OneNote Mobile lets you easily grab your notes from your device

If you need to grab your notes from your smartphone or tablet, you can try OneNote Mobile. It's not as useful as other unofficial Office apps, but it has a layout that you're used to. If you're tied deeply into that ecosystem, it's probably the app you should use.

In order to access this app, you have to log in with a Windows Live account. Once you do, the app only controls stuff saved to your Live account's SkyDrive. It won't open files sent as e-mail attachments. You can create a new note from … Read more

Google Keep geared for Google Glass

This week, Google quietly launched Keep, a simple, note-taking mobile app. It's not as full-featured or multiplatform as Evernote, the leader in the revived personal organizer or "external brain" category, and currently only works on Android and Google Drive. Google will likely make Keep available on Apple's iOS, as it has with its other apps, and add features, such as the ability to attach files and embed video. Nonetheless, the press and other observers are questioning the company's commitment to its apps after the recent notice that Google Reader would cease to exist.

The reality … Read more

Microsoft Office 2013: Everything you need to know (FAQ)

Microsoft has finally unveiled Microsoft Office 2013. CNET's already had a chance to do an in-depth review of Office 365, the subscription version of Office 2013. Have more questions? Check out our answers below.… Read more