Twitter's API guidelines claim another victim:, the social news service that bought and revived Digg in July, announced today that it was ditching its iPhone and iPad apps.

These apps bring users curated news links from throughout the day and present them in a Twitter-like format. The only problem is the display may not be Twitter-like enough.

According to's Jake Levine, the reason they're shutting down the apps is because Twitter's new API guidelines make it difficult for the company to meet the new Display Requirements. Apparently, Twitter's guidelines require to look a little more like … Read more

Digg buried into

Friday's top tech stories teach us that Web giants may die, but ice cream is forever:

What's left of the social news aggregator Digg has been purchased by Betaworks, a company that runs and several other Web businesses. Digg will be folded into, a daily news app and e-mail digest. Digg has been struggling and was slowly disassembled. A subsidiary of Washington Post bought some of the Digg talent, LinkedIn grabbed some patents, and on Thursday, Betaworks acquired what was left. The Wall Street Journal has sources saying Betaworks acquired Digg for around $500,… Read more