NetZero launches 3G mobile broadband via Sprint

NetZero has officially rolled out a new broadband service that travels over Sprint's 3G network.

As of Wednesday, the service is available to the 276 million people that Sprint reaches through its 3G coverage. And for those of you unhappy with 3G access, an upgrade to Sprint's 4G LTE network is scheduled for the third quarter of this year.

The new service is the result of a five-year agreement between NetZero and Sprint announced last July. At the same time, Sprint revealed an agreement with Verizon to offer mobile broadband via its 3G network, but that deal was … Read more

NetZero subscribers can share free data with Facebook friends

Facebook friends can now share data with one other courtesy of a new promotion from NetZero.

The new 4G Data Share plan lets NetZero subscribers dole out 1GB of data each month to fellow subscribers on Facebook, with up to five friends getting 200MB a piece.

To partake in the promotion, you need to subscribe to any one of NetZero's five 4G mobile broadband plans, starting at 200MB for free and going up to 4GB for $49.95 a month.

You'll also need to buy NetZero's 4G USB stick or its 4G hotspot device. Both items are … Read more

Bonus for Apple shareholders

Links from Monday's episode of Loaded:

Apple pays dividends No new Xbox anytime soon Gadget policy changing on flights? NetZero offers free (but limited) broadband Artists get digital Subscribe:  iTunes (MP3)iTunes (320x180)iTunes (HD)RSS (MP3)RSS (320x180)RSS HD

NetZero teams up with Clear to offer free mobile broadband, kind of

The company that's been famous for offering free dial-up Internet access has just taken a big leap by offering up to one year of free mobile Internet and a free data plan.

NetZero announced today two mobile wireless data solutions including a mobile hot-spot router and a USB modem, called NetZero 4G Hotspot and NetZero 4G Stick, respectively. Both of these devices are 4G-only and will access the Internet via Clear's 4G wireless coverage. The NetZero 4G Hotspot is actually a rebranded version of the Clear Spot Apollo 4G and offers exactly the same feature set. … Read more

E-tail Scrooges and how one woman defeated them

The nightmare of the mysterious debit card charges began this way for Caroline Butler:

She noticed that Privacy Matters 123, a membership program she had never heard of, was charging her $20 every month. She had no idea how to get her money back or even how to get the company to stop. All she knew was that they were draining the bank account used to help pay the medical bills for her 18-year-old daughter, a cancer patient.

Somehow, Butler, a freelance photographer from Paducah, Ky., unintentionally enrolled in the membership program during a visit to social-networking site,, … Read more

ZETA to open doors to 'net zero' home

There's a movement afoot to make homes greener, but the impact will be limited if only wealthy people can afford them. Start-up ZETA Communities is trying to expand that movement's reach by making market-priced, "net zero" multifamily homes.

In the next two weeks, the San Francisco-based company expects to complete its first demonstration building, a town house in Oakland, Calif. Using a variety of design choices, such as a passive solar design and very efficient windows, the energy load on the town houses will be 60 percent of what a comparable-size traditional building would require. Solar … Read more

From Net access to flowers: United Media buys FTD

What does an Internet service provider have in common with a florist?

Seemingly not much. But United Online, which owns dial-up Internet service provider NetZero, said Wednesday that it's spending $456 million to buy FTD Group, the floral and specialty gift provider.

I don't think I'm alone in thinking this seems like an odd pairing. FTD is one of the largest floral companies in the world, providing products to consumers as well as retail florists throughout the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Ireland. But United Online, which owns Internet properties such as, Juno, NetZero, … Read more