Microsoft stumbles with off-color quip in Norway

Some things are too idiosyncratic to make up. Others, well, you just wouldn't want to make them up.

So this morning I find myself trying to get inside the gray matter of those who created an extraordinary singing and dancing number for last week's Microsoft Developers Conference in Norway.

Microsoft is quite renowned for enjoying the act of stirring its employees and customers to great emotional heights. And this number most certainly had its heights.

I think I am grateful to Geekwire for awakening me to this one-of-a-kind piece. For, as the so-called Azure Girls cavorted on stage, … Read more

Word processing tool

Write Source provides users with a word processor for .txt documents that successfully imitates Word. In addition, the program offers an added feature that will help users search for words.

We felt instantly comfortable with this program's interface since it smoothly mimics Microsoft Word all the way down to its layout. The Help file's instructions were necessary to master some of the more complicated features, but basic writing was a snap. Our previous experience with word processors that save as .txt files had been disappointing since they always seemed to fall short of Word with their clumsy layouts … Read more

The Nintendo Wii ships

Since its launch last November, the Nintendo Wii has made waves among retirees and new gamers.

Now, Nintendo's generation-transcending game machine is making waves in the literal sense.

According to this post on Joystiq, Norwegian Cruise Lines will feature Nintendo Wiis on all cruises. As this photo attests, they're talkin' big-screen action.

Judging how hard it is to find a Wii in stores, cruise ships will no doubt become a huge target for pirates. Marrrrrrrio!

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