The iPhone alternative (for freedom lovers)

Minor update: Boost uses the Nextel/Sprint network, not Alltel.

Apple's iPhones seem to have a monopoly when it comes to usable mobile Web browsing. Until now, freedom-loving users not wishing to get into bed with Steve Jobs were, for the most part, out of luck. This article explains how to get an even better mobile Internet experience, without having to do business with either AT&T or Apple--with no contracts and no $60 per month bill just to surf the Net.

The iPhone is clearly the must-have device of the digerati. All of my colleagues seem to … Read more

Software update for Nokia N800 tablet leaks, fans go gaga

Updated Again:Nokia has released a legitimate upgrade for the N800 tablets. N800 owners no longer need to follow these instructions to update their OS. Instead, go visit the official Nokia website for info.

Updated: This post was edited for clarity, and to provide an alternative method for generating a N810 serial number (see below).

Details of a major operating-system upgrade for Nokia's Linux-based N800 Internet Tablet device was leaked Wednesday afternoon. Fans of the N800 (and soon-to-be-released N810) have been waiting eagerly for the last few weeks for any word of a final release date.

While the N800 … Read more

Hot Deal: Nokia N800 Internet tablet, $240

Can't live without ultramobile access, great speed and free phone calls? Here's a great price and the answer to all your compulsions.

Listed elsewhere at almost $400, the does-it-all teeny Nokia N800 Internet tablet is offered at Buy.com at a reduced price. (With that Google checkout thing, it's even less.) Skype, surf, schedule and send e-mail. This lustworthy gizmo does everything but pick up the groceries. Oh wait, if you text your list to a grocery delivery service to get them to bring the food to your house, then yeah, it does that too. And it'… Read more

Of course I'm going to blog about the new iPods

I didn't attend the Apple event yesterday, but I watched the liveblogging by Tom Krazit here on CNET and by Ryan Block on Engadget. Not the same as being there, but still fun.

As everyone knows by now, Apple introduced three completely new iPods along with minor updates for the iPod Shuffle and iPhone:

iPod pico: Earbud players sold in… Read more

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

As I sit in front of my computer, a torrent of dread washing over me as I think of my upcoming root canal, I think of what sort of thing I can buy myself to distract me from the approaching ouch. The answer, of course, is sleek mobile web surfing in the form of the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet! Supporting both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity this little guy will be a grand companion as I lie in bed and think about how much I'd really like to eat a sandwich. The best part is that it's priced under $… Read more

Software challenges in the Nokia N800

The Nokia N800 Internet Tablet (including video review) represents the Finnish company's open-source commitment condensed into a shiny, high-end package. The device's clear resolution, generous screen size, and handy-dandy kickstand are a PDA dream, yet this is no PDA. It isn't even a phone.

At its core, the updated Internet Tablet is a good-looking portal for accessing the Internet, and a stage for Nokia's continued experiment in supporting open-source development on the Maemo platform. Since it's not a phone, the device doesn't require a proprietary operating system like Symbian to place calls and manage … Read more