Muziic brings free on-demand music to iPhone

I first wrote about Muziic, the YouTube-searching music streaming application created by teenage developer David Nelson, last March. Since then, he's updated the app with radio and MP3 playback and survived a squabble with online music video distributor Vevo.

On Friday, Muziic took another big step with the release of its free iPhone app. It's the first free app that lets users search for and play songs on demand on their iPhones. Like the desktop app, Muziic for iPhone gets around content owners' licensing restrictions by taking content from YouTube, which already has a deal with Apple to … Read more

YouTube goes Disco with music-video feature

NEW YORK--YouTube has begun testing a new music feature designed to entice users to stay on the site longer.

YouTube Disco enables people to key an artist name or song title into a search field, and then it creates a playlist for them. Each clip will play automatically, one after the other, with no prompting from the user.

Users can also mix and match songs in their playlists. This is the kind of thing that people can fire up and let play for hours of free music listening. YouTube now sees hundreds of millions of visitors a month, but the … Read more

Teen Muziic founder chastised by Vevo

The music industry's patience with Muziic and the site's teenage founder may have finally run out.

Rio Caraeff, chief executive of Vevo, the recently launched Web site that features music videos from three of the top four recording companies, wants 16-year-old David Nelson to stop using the service's content and trademark. Caraeff e-mailed Nelson on Tuesday asking him to comply.

Nelson is the precocious high school coder who launched a music service last March that enables users to treat YouTube music videos in much the same way that song files are handled at iTunes. The videos can … Read more

Muziic Web app offers Vevo without ads

Muziic, the YouTube-based music application created by teenage programmer David Nelson, has been an impressive piece of work with one drawback: the desktop application only runs on Windows. Not anymore! On Christmas day, the company officially launched a Web-based version of its service, and it compares very favorably with other free online music services.

Like the Muziic desktop app and U.K.-based, the new Muziic Web player draws its content from YouTube, and allows you to queue songs and save playlists. But it's got a couple of interesting wrinkles.

First, you can get content from VevoRead more

JukeFly turns your PC into music-streaming device

Updated, 4:59 PM PDT: After much experimenting, I was able to access my music library remotely using JukeFly. The problem was, my songs didn't show up in search results, so I assumed JukeFly wasn't working. This assumption was bolstered by the fact that when I tested my connection with JukeFly's settings tester, it said that I needed to check my router. As it turns out, all the songs in my personal library are available under a different link, Library. They are not integrated into search results, and the debugger simply didn't work right.

One of … Read more

TubeRadio helps you discover great music on YouTube

YouTube's a great source of music, including live shows and bootleg recordings that are hard to find anywhere else, and application developers are taking advantage of YouTube's relative openness to help users find and organize that music in new ways.

Last month, London-based start-up launched a Web application that lets you search YouTube, organize the content into playlists, and share those playlists with friends via an e-mail link, Twitter post, or Facebook profile update. If you go through the free registration, you'll be able to save playlists as well. The concept is very similar to … Read more

Muziic 2.0 adds radio, MP3 playback, more

Teenage developer David Nelson has been busy since launching Muziic, which lets users access the millions of songs on YouTube from a convenient Windows desktop application that recalls iTunes. The fledgling company managed to gain approval from YouTube by changing the size of the video display and making other user interface changes. Since then, Nelson has been working on version 2.0 of the application, which became available Thursday.

The most notable features are the addition of some Internet radio stations organized by category, and the ability to play MP3 and Windows Media Audio files stored on your hard drive. (… Read more

Muziic: YouTube approved our site

Muziic, the service that acts as a media player for YouTube music videos, has agreed to make changes asked for by YouTube managers, and the service's 15-year-old co-founder saw nothing else standing in Muziic's way.

Last week, YouTube managers raised objections to the size of Muziic's video player and said it violated the company's API terms of use, said David Nelson, Muziic's teenage co-founder. After discussions that occurred over several days, Nelson agreed to increase the size of the player, which has been postage-stamp size since launch.

On Tuesday, Nelson told CNET News that changes … Read more

CNET News Daily Podcast: Muziic faces the music

Muziik is a new free music service--started by a 15-year-old and his dad--that uses music from YouTube clips. CNET News intern Erik Palm talks to reporter Greg Sandoval about how it works and what some of the obstacles could be.

Plus, the mother of another 15-year-old boy has sued Apple because her son's 16GB iPod Touch allegedly blew up in his pants pocket, leaving him burned.

This, and more of the day's headlines, on Friday's CNET News Daily Podcast. Listen now: Download today's podcast

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Teen Muziic founder: Shawn Fanning is my hero

David Nelson, the 15-year-old co-founder of the free site Muziic, idealizes Napster creator Shawn Fanning. But that doesn't mean he's going to run his business the same way.

Muziic, which launched two weeks ago, is a music service that piggybacks on YouTube. Nelson's software rounds up YouTube's music videos and enables users to sort and add them to playlists as if they were MP3s. There's no messing around with YouTube's search engine, videos, or advertisements.

There's little about Muziic that compares to Napster, the peer-to-peer service that helped demolish the traditional music business … Read more