Tech to keep your resolutions on track

CNET Update is making goals:

In this special edition of CNET Update, learn how technology can help with your New Year's resolutions.

- Need an extra push to get fit? Wear a fitness-tracking bracelet like the Fitbit Flex or Fitbit Force for a constant reminder to stay active.

- Turn gym time into game time with the Goji Play and an iPad.

- Workout at home with personalized videos on the FitStar app.

- Keep things tidy with the Neato XV Signature Pro robot vacuum cleaner. And stay on top of household chores with reminders and tips on the … Read more

5 apps to help you stick to your New Year's resolutions

Lose weight, stop smoking, save for a new house, organize your life: Your resolutions are set, and you have every intention of keeping them -- at least until life gets in the way. Don't give up on your goals before February, instead download a few apps that can nudge you in the right direction and coach you to stay on track.

I've rounded up five apps that can help you keep your resolutions, from quitting smoking to whipping your budget or body into shape. Share your favorite goal-oriented apps in the comments below.

Mint (Free) For managing your … Read more

Mint app brings its money moxie to Windows Phone

Following in the footsteps of Vine and Instagram, another well-liked Android and iOS app has made the leap to Windows Phone. This time it's Mint, which makes its debut on both Window Phone 8 and Windows 8 today.

If you're not familiar, Mint is an online service that pulls in transaction data from your bank accounts, credit cards, and loans to help you keep track of your spending and create financial goals, such as paying down debt or saving for a new home.

The Windows Phone app comes five years after Mint launched its first mobile app, for the iPhone, … Read more

Eat your Instagrams in marshmallow form

Some Instagrams look good enough to eat, especially when they're glorious food photos. You could just pop them in your mouth. With a little assist from Boomf, your Instagram-eating dreams could come true.

You start by connecting your Instagram account with Boomf. The service takes your chosen Instagram images and prints them out on edible marshmallows. Imagine the possibilities. You could go meta and eat marshmallows printed with pictures of marshmallows. You could snack on adorable photos of your cats. You could roast your buddies over a campfire.

Each package consists of nine marshmallows with your choice of images and costs about $20 with free shipping in the UK. Boomf recommends avoiding images with large dark areas because the details get washed out.… Read more

Superman swoops onto Canadian coins

It's a penny! It's a dollar! It's a Superman coin! Canada lays claim to half of the Superman creation team. Canadian Joe Shuster invented the famous superhero along with American Jerry Siegel. That's why the Royal Canadian Mint has chosen to honor the Man of Steel with a special 75th anniversary coin set.

The coins are shinier than a speeding bullet, smaller than a locomotive, and able to be carried into tall buildings in a single pocket. They are also legal tender, though you're not going to want to drop them into a vending machine. One of the least expensive options is a $10-face-value silver coin depicting Superman breaking chains around his chest. The price to acquire the coin is about $44.… Read more

Tiny projector throws big Instagram images

I've shared many an Instagram image by handing my phone over for someone to view. They always squint and angle the screen, then hand it back. If I could magically make them bigger, sharing Instagrams in real life would be a lot more social and lot more fun. That will soon be possible with Projecteo, a tiny projector designed just for Instagram.

There's a bit more to this than just Instagram + projector. Projecteo is really a miniscule 35mm slide film projector. You pick out your favorite Instagram images, Projecteo puts them on slide film, and then mails it to you. … Read more

Create a 3D cardboard avatar mini-me for 12 bucks

The same people who brought you Olly the smelly robot have taken the next logical step into creating miniature 3D cardboard avatars. Yep, I said "huh?" when I heard that, too.

But "huh?" isn't a bad thing. Mint Digital's Foldable.Me is an online design tool that lets you customize your blocky little avatar. Next, you pay $11.99 and your little friend shows up in the mail a few days later. The avatar comes flat for you to fold into shape.… Read more

'Star Wars' coins let you pay in Yodas

Following up on last year's popular launch of official "Star Wars" currency, the New Zealand Mint revealed a new set of coins featuring Queen Amidala, Yoda, Darth Maul, and Anakin from the epic sci-fi prequel trilogy.

The colorful 1.6-inch diameter coins work as $2 legal tender on the tiny South Pacific island country of Niue and individually contain one ounce of .999 silver. A ripple in the Force indicates that few people would probably actually spend these collectors' items, and if they do, they may get clubbed over the head by Yoda's cane. … Read more

Fitbit adds Zip to its workout routine

Tuesday's CNET Update has some Zip:

If you geek out over workout and personal fitness technology, then check out the review of the new Fitbit Zip. For $60, this fitness tracker is an advanced pedometer that records calories are burned over time. Progress is displayed on the app, and data is synced to an iPhone via Bluetooth. (Bluetooth syncing not yet available for Android.) Users also earn fitness badges and share progress with friends. The higher-end model is called the Fitbit One, which in addition tracks sleep and has a silent vibrating alarm. That comes out in early October … Read more

iRobot sucks up Mint maker Evolution Robotics

Is Roomba going square?

Besides celebrating the vac-bot's tenth birthday today, iRobot announced that it's buying Evolution Robotics, whose sleek, four-sided Mint droid cleans hard surfaces with disposable cloths.

The $74 million deal brings the compact, lightweight Mint into the iRobot fold, giving the vacubot maker another product to tackle floors that aren't carpeted.

The scrubber was a potential rival to iRobot's Scooba robot. Now iRobot will get Evolution's know-how in sensing, navigation, and artificial intelligence, built up over 10 years.

"It's more about growing our capabilities -- both product line and long-term … Read more