I, Robin Hood: Bowblade does archery the iOS way

SAN FRANCISCO -- Amid the sea of screen covers, phone cases, battery packs and software hawkers at Macworld's iWorld conference there was a strange sight: archery.

No, there weren't actual arrows flying around San Francisco's Moscone Center. Instead, it was people squinting down the crosshairs of a bow hooked up to an iPod Touch, pulling back a real string in the hopes of nailing virtual targets.

The device, called the Bowblade, is a $185 peripheral, designed by a chiropractor named Ron Green. It's designed as both an exercise tool and gaming rig, though how it works … Read more

Actor Josh Gad took programming courses to be Woz

SAN FRANCISCO--Last week it was revealed that actor Ashton Kutcher ended up in the hospital after going on an all-fruit diet to be like Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. It turns out, Kutcher's co-star Josh Gad went through some of his own method acting to channel Apple's other co-founder, Steve Wozniak.

"I had to take programming classes," Gad told attendees today at Macworld iWorld, during an onstage interview with Kutcher. "Acting by its very nature is faking. You don't become that person unless you're psychotic."

Gad added that he "was as computer … Read more

Still plenty to see at Macworld 2012

SAN FRANCISCO--The Macworld expo isn't what it once was, but you wouldn't know it from the excitement of both vendors and Mac faithful attending this year's show.

The show started today at Moscone Center West here, and though Macworld no longer attracts the big crowds and big-name vendors it once did, I saw plenty of enthusiastic vendors and showgoers checking out the latest wares for Mac and other Apple products.… Read more

iLid iPhone case doubles as a wallet, keychain

SAN FRANCISCO--Phones may be on their way to replacing wallets and purses, but we're not quite there yet.

One project that hopes to bridge the technological gap is iLid. Created by Australian natives Darren Inglis and Simon Dunn-Vaughan, the specialty iPhone case has a mostly secret compartment on its backside where people can stash some cash, a few credit cards, and a house key.

It may not be a full-on purse or wallet replacement, but for those looking to cut down on wallet clutter, it promises some organizational relief.

The product, which ships next month and is on display … Read more

Annual Macworld event drops 'Expo' for 'iWorld'

Putting a lowercase "i" in front of something is an Apple hallmark, and joining that tradition is next year's Macworld Expo, which is getting a similarly themed name.

Today its creators, the IDG World Expo, said that next year's Macworld Expo is instead going by the name of Macworld|iWorld. The name change coincides with registration for the event opening up to the general public ahead of its January 26, 2012, opening.

"The brand is evolving from Macworld [Expo] to Macworld|iWorld to illustrate that the show is about the whole ecosystem of Apple products,&… Read more

Buzz Out Loud 1397: Amazon is ready for Prime time (podcast)

On today's show, Android is taking over the world (seriously), Internet-starved users turn to ham radio and dial-up to get the word out of Egypt, and Intel's Sandy Bridge chipsets are delayed (uh oh). Also, details about a possible Netflix-like streaming service that would be free for Amazon Prime users. As if Amazon Prime could get any more awesome. All the right moves, Amazon. All the right moves. Plus, some problems with quashing subpoenas. --Molly

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Five coolest things I saw at Macworld 2011

Many would say Macworld has lost some of its luster since Apple decided to pull out of the annual trade show. Indeed, what once took up two entire exhibition halls at San Francisco's Moscone Center is now reduced to a much smaller show floor. The 2011 exhibitor list also lacked a number of big-name brands that used to be mainstays--Microsoft, Adobe, Canon, and Logitech, just to name a few.

Despite that, however, the show was absolutely buzzing with people this year. When I walked the exhibition hall, I was surprised by the sheer number of attendees--I was definitely bumping elbows as I tried to get from booth to booth. Even more surprising was the fact that the show wasn't all about boring accessories and cases--there were also a few innovative gadgets on display, if you cared enough to pay attention. In fact, I saw at least two gadgets that might be on my gift wishlist. Here are five of the coolest things I saw at the show:

1. McTiVia--This tops my list as the most exciting product I saw at Macworld 2011. It's essentially a wireless router that will let you stream all of the content on your Mac or PC to your big-screen TV via Wi-Fi.

It has a very small footprint and has two antennae like most wireless routers--in fact, it also acts as a home wireless access point. No longer do you need an AppleTV, Google TV box, Boxee box, or even a Roku if you think about it (you can just watch Hulu or Netflix in the browser!). You can also use your iPhone or Android phone as a remote for controlling your computer. The downside? It's $199.99, which is rather expensive. Also, it has a somewhat unfortunate name--it reminds me of a certain probiotic yogurt brand.… Read more

Buzz Out Loud 1395: BingTorrent (podcast)

Google starts censoring torrents sites in their search and Facebook denies rumors of a Facephone, which means it exists! Hulu is looking at becoming an online cable operator and we drool over Sony's PSP2 announcement.

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Carry your iPad like a baby kangaroo

Last year I slipped on the ice and landed on my back, with my iPad in an over-the-shoulder canvas bag between me and the hard surface. The device was damaged, but thankfully I got it fixed. The experience, though, has me eyeballing new cases to keep my tablet safe from the elements and myself, and a new line from Assero Industries might be just what I was looking for--except I'm not sure I'm ready to go around looking like a cyborg kangaroo.

The company has a pair of pouches, or "frontpacks," that it plans to unveil this week at Macworld, where you can expect to see many, many iPad cases. They are basically backpacks worn around the belly that feature quick-release clasps so a mobile iPad owner can walk around iPadding while standing up.

Honestly, it's not a problem I've found myself in need of a solution for, but I could definitely see construction workers, architects, sports coaches, and others out in the field using them. … Read more

CNET TV Apple Byte: MacWorld 2010

Brian Tong discusses the latest news in the world of Apple. This week, iSuppli has a cost estimate of the iPad, Hulu may soon be available on the iPhone OS, and Brian takes a tour of the MacWorld show floor.

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