Lincoln streamlines the 2013 MKS, MKT

LOS ANGELES--Lincoln hits the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show with a one-two punch, unveiling the 2013 MKS sedan and MKT crossover simultaneously.

The most prominent change to these two 2013 Lincolns is the new design language. Lincoln has simplified and restyled the waterfall grille into something that can only really be described as a windswept mustache. Twin grilles with vertical bars sweep back into integrated headlamps. Meanwhile, the front fenders and hood have been simplified with fewer creases and kinks. I think the MKS wears the look better, partially due to its more compact size. In either case, the result … Read more

Lincoln replacing Town Car with MKT livery, limo variants

The Lincoln Town Car--the gold standard of the livery and limo market--will soon be discontinued. This cancellation leaves a huge void in the fleet vehicle market that Ford-Lincoln plans to fill with a pair of Lincoln MKT variants.

The standard MKT livery variant will have its third-row seating removed and second row moved backward to increase leg room and overall comfort of passengers being shuttled about. This move will also increase rear storage space, resulting in even more cargo room than the outgoing Town Car. The livery model will be available in front- or all-wheel-drive configurations and will feature all … Read more

Lincoln unveils the MKT at Detroit Auto Show

It occurred to me the other day that I have not given Lincoln much lip service within the Car Tech blog lately. And then I realized that Lincoln also made a notable appearance at the 2010 North American International Auto Show that took place last month in Detroit. And with my current theme being about intriguing concept vehicles making appearances at this year's NAIAS, so here we go with Lincoln's introduction of its luxury crossover MKT model.

While this vehicle line started life as purely a concept, Lincoln has adjusted and embellished enough to make the MKT ready … Read more

Ford offers Lincoln 'Park Assist'

A new feature from Ford Motor will allow drivers to let their car do the steering when faced with a parallel parking space, the company announced Tuesday.

This latest car gadget, which Ford calls Active Park Assist, works slightly differently than the park assist feature on Toyota's self-parking Lexus.

On the self-parking Lexus, the driver can use an interface to adjust the space the car aims for, and only maintains control over the brake while it's maneuvering.

In Ford's version the driver pulls up alongside a space and pushes a button. The car then applies ultrasonic-based sensors … Read more