AVG to pre-scan Livewire's Android market

NEW ORLEANS--Security suite maker AVG has teamed with independent Android marketplace and mobile content provider Livewire to scan all the apps it hosts for malware before they are made available to the public, the companies announced today at CTIA. The deal will also install AVG's free Android security app Mobilation (download) on devices to scan apps after they update.

Jon Lobb, vice president of Global Business Development for mobile at AVG, said that the partnership would keep phones safe from before an app is installed through the app's updates. "It's a belt-to-bracers approach," said Lobb. … Read more

Western Digital releases powerline adapter debut

After years of making network storage devices, such as the Western Digital My Book World Edition (2TB) and WD TV Live HD Media Player, Western Digital now turns to making an adapter kit that will connect them.

The giant hard-drive maker announced Tuesday its first powerline adapter kit, the WD Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit. The kit includes two identical HomePlug AV-based powerline adapters, designed to turn the existing electrical wiring of your home into network cables.

Each of these adapter has four network ports; WD says these ports allow you to connect up to seven devices and one router … Read more

Slide show roundup: Custom earphones, tech for summer road trips, and CUVs

Summer has officially arrived, and our Car Tech editors have put together some photos of cool tech to take on the road. We also have some pictures of crossover SUVs, or CUVs, which you also can take on the road. Well, you could take the pictures on the road, but I really meant the cars.

Something you may not want to take on the road (or at least not while you're in the driver's seat) is the futuristic-looking MyVu Personal Media Viewer. Finally, Donald Bell shows us what it's like to get custom-molded earphones. It involves pink … Read more

Slide show: Getting fitted for LiveWires custom earphones

It's rare to get the opportunity to review custom-molded earphones. Custom ear products are usually just too expensive to be relevant to most people, and the ear-impression process can be an inconvenience. But when John Diles from LiveWires offered to come by CNET and take the ear impressions onsite, it was a tough proposition to pass up. (Click here to view a slide show of my custom earphone fitting, but be warned! These photos are not for the squeamish.)

I've had the earphones for over a week now, and they sound fantastic. At $249, they're less than … Read more