Tomorrow's vending machines may scan your face

Who needs to bother with a fitting room when you can use a Kinect to model outfits?

Between pitches for mobile payments, new self-checkout machines, and virtual customer service assistants, technology rules the show floor at the 101st Annual National Retail Federation Convention and Expo in New York, taking place this week.

This year it's possible to try on a new dress -- with matching purse, belt and jewelry -- in just a few seconds using a Microsoft Kinect camera. You become a paper doll on the television monitor with FaceCake's Swivel, a virtual dressing room that will … Read more

Adults-only vending machine dispenses Jell-O

Much like Lego is attempting to expand its audience into the uncharted world of girls, Kraft is trying to get adults to eat Jell-O outside of shots at frat parties.

Kraft's new line of Jell-O Temptations products features flavors like lemon meringue pie, chocolate truffle indulgence, and raspberry cheesecake. I guess that might turn off kids who are used to simpler Jell-O tastes like grape and cherry.… Read more

Scientists edge closer to printing human tissue

A new technology early in clinical trials could make it possible for doctors to use specialized 3D printers to fabricate new human tissue based on a patient's own cells.

Known as commercial bioprinting, the technology from San Diego start-up Organovo starts with cells from adipose tissue--essentially body fat--or bone marrow and is intended to use those cells as the basis for making new tissue.

As of right now, the benefit for humans is still years away, perhaps as many as four, said Organovo CEO Keith Murphy. And when and if the company's technology gets certified and hits the market, it will probably have limited application: most likely, the technology could be used at first mainly for crafting very small areas of tissue or new blood vessels.

But even those limited applications could mean, for example, that doctors may eventually have the ability to intervene in cases where, for example, a patient has a blocked or damaged blood vessel, and potentially prevent what might otherwise result in a forced amputation. Similarly, someone with damaged nerves could have a gap in a nerve bridged using regenerated cells printed by Organovo's machine.

Doing something like making a new liver is still a long way off. … Read more

The new brewer that's creating a big buzz

Featured at the House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year event in Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, the new Tassimo Hot Beverage System by Bosch fits into both the kitchen's overall theme of user-friendliness and the consumer's modern desire for convenience with class. The brewer is featured as part of a line of new kitchen products that are being showcased as a "new benchmark for kitchen design," according to a recent news release from Kraft Foods.

At first glance, the upgraded version of the Hot Beverage System looks a lot like the original, but there are … Read more

Kraft Gives BlogTalkRadio Some Cheese

If you're not familiar with BlogTalkRadio, it's an Internet-based social radio network founded in August 2006 by former Telcom executive Alan Levy and Bob Cherish. The premise of the site allows those with an opinion, phone, and computer the forum to host their own talk show, providing the blogger the opportunity to interact with their audience in real time. Plus, with ad-revenue sharing, it makes creating and hosting a show even more enticing

According to the New York Times, 3 million listeners tuned in last month to more than 12,000 radio segments. Some of the segments showcased … Read more

The Open Source CEO: Boris Kraft, Magnolia (Part 6)

In this sixth installment of the Open Source CEO Series, I decided to change gears a bit, and talk with Boris Kraft, CIO of Magnolia, a leading open source content management company. Boris differs from previous CEOs profiled in this series because, first of all, he's not a CEO. But I decided to make the exception here because he's the strategic leader and community manager for a vibrant open source project with executive responsibility for Magnolia, the company, as well.

Name, position, and company of executive Boris Kraft, CIO and Community Lead, Magnolia, Simple Enterprise Content Management.

Year company was founded and year you joined it The Magnolia project started in March 2003, with the first public release on November 15th, 2003 (Magnolia 1.0). How the company was founded to capitalize on growing interest around the project is a long story.… Read more