The 404 1,450: Where we play by ear (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- That story of the marooned woman on a Hawaiian island getting saved thanks to Google Earth is totally fake.

- Chordify makes it easy to cover any song by transcribing sheet music from YouTube and Soundcloud links.

- Funk band games the Spotify system to fund upcoming nationwide tour.

- Virtual screaming babies squirm their way into teenage cellphones in new pregnancy campaign.… Read more

Google Barge, $35 million and counting

Google Barge is about to be on the move, relocating from its current berth alongside Treasure Island in the middle of San Francisco Bay to Stockton, Calif., a delta city about 80 miles east.

But what does that mean for the future of the project, expected to be a floating showroom for Google X products and concepts like Glass, driverless cars, and more?

It's hard to say for sure, because no one in the know is talking. What is known is that the $35 million project, made out of dozens of shipping containers, and intended to float from location … Read more

It's official: Google Barge moving to Stockton

The guessing game about Google Barge's future destination after leaving its current construction site on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay is over.

CNET has confirmed that Google Barge will be heading to Stockton, Calif. (a move we first reported was imminent).

Mirian Saez, head of Island operations for the Treasure Island Development Authority -- which manages leases on Treasure Island -- confirmed that the Google Barge may take to the water for its new home as early as next week, weather permitting. The large project, expected to be a floating showroom for Google X products and concepts like … Read more

Google Barge on the move: Next stop, Stockton?

Could the Google Barge be moving to ground zero of the recent national housing crisis?

Last week, CNET found out that Google planned to move its famous barge, which now sits unfinished alongside Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay, to a still-unidentified location.

But Richmond, Calif., city council member Tom Butt told CNET on Tuesday that he's heard the technology giant has decided to move the Google Barge to Stockton, Calif., a city of about 300,000, that's located on the San Francisco Bay Delta. Stockton also was one of the hardest-hit cities in the country during … Read more

Google Barge to set sail for new home within a month

Google Barge, which has been sitting unfinished and idle alongside a pier in the middle of San Francisco Bay, will soon be on the move.

CNET has learned that the barge project, expected to be a floating product and Google X concept showroom, will be relocated in a month or less from its current home alongside Treasure Island. Earlier this month, a California state agency said Google either had to move the project somewhere else or get a permit to finish construction at Treasure Island's Pier One.

According to Mirian Saez, director of island operations at the Treasure Island … Read more

Google barge on 'hiatus' amid scrutiny from two agencies

Whether it's a Google Glass store or a showroom for all things Google X, one thing is clear: No one will be visiting Google Barge anytime soon.

The once-mysterious barge, currently sitting idle alongside a pier at Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay, is officially "on hiatus," CNET has learned. And while Google is likely still planning on completing the project, it probably won't be finished until well into 2014, long after it was originally supposed to be up and running.

"A variety of senior BCDC staff members have met with Google's representatives to … Read more

Google: Oh, you mean THOSE barges

Google has finally acknowledged that it is behind the mystery barge in San Francisco Bay, and that, as has been reported, it is likely to use the structure it's building there to showcase its technology.

CNET was first to report the Google connection to the odd edifice, covered in scaffolding and dark netting, that sits on top of a barge in San Francisco Bay. A second such structure is located in Casco Bay off Portland, Maine, after having been constructed in New London, Conn.

Initially, CNET speculated that the structure might be a floating data center, but subsequent reporting by KPIXRead more

Mystery Google barge will be invite-only Google X showroom, says report

After a week of intense interest in what Google has been building on barges in the San Francisco Bay and in Maine's Casco Bay, the mystery may well be over: The tech giant is developing a reconfigurable, invite-only showroom for Google X-related projects and products.

According to a report from CBS' San Francisco affiliate KPIX, Google has been working on the project for more than a year, and the plan is to make the showroom movable and also capable of being taken apart and reassembled as needed. The idea is that elements of it could be on the water … Read more

Coast Guard explains silence on Google's mystery barge

Since CNET first broke news about Google's connection to a mystery structure atop a barge in the San Francisco Bay last week, the Coast Guard has said almost nothing about the project.

Now, information obtained from the Coast Guard by The Day Connecticut through a Freedom of Information Act request suggests that the structures aboard the mystery barges -- one in San Francisco Bay and another in Portland, Maine -- are meant to be moved from city to city.

On Wednesday, the Coast Guard told CNBC that Google is behind the project -- which CNET has also confirmed with … Read more

Google guessing game: What's atop the mystery barge?

Over the last week, there has been intense speculation about just what Google is building on its barges in the San Francisco Bay and in Portland, Maine.

CNET was first to report the connection between Google and the structures, but we're not sure what the tech giant is building.

Google isn't saying -- the company hasn't responded to multiple requests for comment. But there's no doubt that Google is behind the project. It has been in discussions with two public agencies -- the National Park Service, and the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission -- … Read more