Buy your flat-pack solar panels at Ikea in the UK

Today, Ikea customers in Southampton, England, can stroll into the big blue and yellow store and plunk down $9,200 for a solar panel array for their semi-detached home. Ikea, which has been installing industrial-size solar arrays on its store roofs for years, has just started to roll out home solar systems for consumers in the UK.

Ikea's move to sell solar panels was anticipated years ago with the company formally committing to green technologies. Southampton is the first store to offer the panels, made by Hanergy Solar UK, but more stores in Britain will be jumping onboard.

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Crave Ep. 132: Spaceglasses turn your face into an interface

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We take a first look at Spaceglasses and augment our reality. Find out who the most searched for superhero is on YouTube? And don't get hacked by toilet hackers. … Read more

Ikea augmented-reality app helps prevent sofa shock

When purchasing a giant Ikea shelving system, there's always that concern it will turn your living room into a habitrail. Ikea's 2014 Catalogue app offers a new augmented-reality function to help you ensure that what you're buying is just the right size.

To use the free Android or iOS app, you just need to place a printed copy of the catalog booklet in the room you want to decorate. Using the camera on your phone or tablet, the app then captures an image of the room, using the catalog as a size guide, for the virtual furniture that you can place in the room. … Read more

The 404 1,315: Where we have no McShame (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- How hotel Wi-Fi killed my Chromecast travel dreams.

- Burger grown from cow stem cells in laboratory put to taste test in London.

- Japanese scientist creates "poop burger"? Surely not.

- Ikea finally develops an augmented-reality app that lets customers place virtual furniture in their home.… Read more

April Fools' gadgets: You'll wish some of these were real

April Fools' is a big day for conceptual technology products. Big tech companies get to let their hair down and come up with gadgets that would earn them ridicule and criticism if they were introduced on any day other than April 1.

We have some real doozies for 2013 when it comes to prank tech gear. ThinkGeek, as usual, has an entire lineup of weird and wonderful items. There's a Play-Doh 3D printer that forms figures out of the famous squishy clay-like material. If you enjoyed listening to Bane's garbled and growly speech during "The Dark Knight Rises," you'll want your very own pair of Bane Mask Walkie Talkies. Other fictional products from the geek retailer include an "Aliens" Chestburster-in-a-Can, a Creeper Body Pillow, and an Eye of Sauron desk lamp.… Read more

The 404 1,218: Where we order off the secret menu (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- The mystery behind Chipotle's secret 1,500-calorie monstrosity.

- The ultimate In-N-Out secret menu survival guide.

- I used to smoke pot every time I played a video game. Here's why I stopped..

- SUNY adds a hip-hop anthem to its marketing set list.

- 404 listener Kulastar made this infographic comparing Bill Murray to Jim Carrey.… Read more

Ikea AR catalog gets under furniture's skin

Ikea has already introduced its catalog for mobile devices, but now the Swedish furniture giant is going a little more in-depth with the 2013 edition. There are more than 40 bits of extended content sprinkled throughout the catalog.

The 2013 physical catalog pairs with a special Ikea catalog app to unlock more than meets the eye on the printed page. Unlike the Moosejaw X-ray catalog peep show, expect to see furniture rather than statuesque Scandinavian models.… Read more

IKEA wants to sell you a TV that's part of the furniture

It's a problem that has plagued the monied for decades.

How do you ensure that your TV goes well with your furniture? How do you find a cabinet upon which your TV might perch with regal grace? And how do you deal with all those cables?

This problem has been affecting me this week, as my TV -- as well as the surround sound, speakers, woofers, and everything else -- was fitted by three hairy men who sniffed a lot, and I have no idea how to take it apart in order to change the furniture around it.

Galloping to my aid is IKEA. … Read more

The 404 1,043: Where we advocate hacking (podcast)

Our old friend Andrew Mager joins us in the studio this morning to tell us what it takes to earn the role of Hacker Advocate over at Spotify.

He'll also give us a live demo of some of the popular apps you can download for Spotify that help you discover new music, browse music lyrics, read more about your favorite artists, scan your albums using a Web cam, and more. Somewhere during this episode, we also decide to start a four-man band, so let us know what you think our name should be.… Read more

Ikea teases cardboard digital camera

Forget smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras. What about capturing that special moment with a cardboard cam from Ikea? Bonus: Looks like there's no assembly required.

Last week, Ikea included a cardboard camera in press kits for those attending the Fuorisalone design expo in Milan. The "disposable" device shoots 40 pictures, uses two AA batteries, and features a thin built-in USB port. … Read more