DNA solves one of the Titanic's oldest mysteries

DNA has helped solved a nearly 70-year-old hoax -- one that has haunted a family and its ancestors in the debacle over the identity of a girl who was said to have died on the Titanic.

When the massive ship struck an iceberg more than 100 years ago, it was believed that only one child from the first class died in the sinking ship: Loraine Allison. The 2-year-old apparently didn't get safely on a life boat because her parents were said to have been frantically searching for her little brother, who unbeknownst to them was already on a life boat. Allison and her mother's body were never found in the ship's wreckage. … Read more

Scientists tracking iceberg twice size of Atlanta

If you're in dire need of ice for your next party, set sail for Antarctica.

An iceberg about twice the size of the city of Atlanta broke off from the Pine Island Glacier and scientists fear it may threaten shipping in the Southern Ocean as it moves into open waters.

The vast block has an area of about 270 square miles, about the size of Singapore. It recently put about a mile between itself and the glacier after a rift formed in July. … Read more

Titanic disaster unlikely to happen in this age, experts say

Given that the builder of the Titanic is said to have famously bragged that his amazing new ship could never be sunk, it's dangerous to argue that an accident like the one that sent the famous vessel to the bottom of the sea 100 years ago could never happen again.

But with the centennial of the April 15, 1912, disaster quickly approaching, there's every indication that modern science and technology in combination with a much greater awareness of seaborne hazards, make such a tragedy -- at least on the scale of Titanic--extremely unlikely today.

It's not, of … Read more

Gadgettes 137: The Fish on a Bicycle Episode

Convergence: The occurrence of two or more things coming together. In this case, cars and couches, shoes and bathtubs, and last but not least, showers and aquariums. Try to wrap your brain around that!

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EPISODE 137… Read more

A Titanic-inspired home theater

Now that we've taken care of your outdoor entertainment needs, it's time to concentrate on your home theater. You'll need a theme, of course, and perhaps you can find some inspiration from this home in Tennessee--which is modeled after the interior of the Titanic.

Why its owners chose one of history's most notorious shipwrecks for its decor is beyond us, but you've got to admit it's creative. Among the 20- by 14-foot theater's many features are a custom 120-inch screen and surround-sound speakers embedded in the room's pillars and ceiling. And … Read more