In Sochi, the Olympics-size job of running Olympics IT infrastructure

As the Winter Olympics get under way today, one of the main narratives emerging from Sochi, Russia so far is that of gross incompetence, unfinished construction projects, widespread computer hacking, and a general sense that corruption has been the biggest winner.

Yet, with thousands of Olympic athletes and tens of thousands of spectators arriving in Sochi, the show must still go on. The opening ceremonies are tonight, and soon, skiers, skaters, lugers, and so many others will be competing for precious gold as millions of people around the world watch. Behind it all is a massive technology infrastructure, years in … Read more

Olympics fans told to stop tweeting if they want TV

Dear people of London,

We need to talk. And you need to talk less.

You're going to have to change your ways, because you're really messing up the Olympics TV coverage.

Yes, even more than NBC is.

Because all of your stupid, pointless, self-serving, self-aggrandizing texts and tweets are clogging data systems. Which means that TV coverage is being disrupted. And we can't have TV coverage being disrupted.

Well, except in the U.S.

We, at the International Olympic Committee have been forced to inform you, kind, polite people of London, that, as we have just told Reuters, … Read more

Olympics bans links to its site if you're 'derogatory'

The International Olympic Committee has always been a highly progressive organization.

Why, it allowed women into its bosom as early as 1981.

So who can be surprised that the Olympic movement has continued along its headlong path toward untrammeled world freedom?

I am grateful to the Index on Censorship, which has quickly discovered something higher and stronger in the area of joyous freedom than many might have imagined possible.

For, in the Terms of Use of the London 2012 Olympics Web site, there exists a clause that truly has fearsome claws.

For it reads:

Links to the Site. You may … Read more

Olympics launches social portal linking athletes, fans

There may be 100 days to go until the start of the Summer Olympics, but the London Games just got a lot closer.

Today, the International Olympic Committee launched The Hub, a new social-media portal to give fans a way to connect with their favorite sports and athletes and to give the Olympians themselves a way to build their social profiles in the months before the event.

For starters, The Hub will feature a searchable database of many current and former athletes' Facebook and Twitter accounts -- something the IOC hopes will allow athletes to increase their number of followers, … Read more

It's official: The Internet hates the Olympics

I've already written about how the International Olympic Committee tries to cleanse all unauthorized references to its logos, the word "Olympics," and attendant innocent words like "Games" and "Winter" and "2010." And I wrote about the endless Olympic Internet spoilers, thanks to NBC's incredibly asinine scheduling. But the longer they're on, the more chances the IOC gets to act like jack-booted thugs and the more chances NBC gets to blow coverage both online and on TV, until I think we've all come to the same, inescapable conclusion: the … Read more

Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1171: Pants.

The pants meme is strong in this episode -- so strong we can't even pinpoint it to a certain topic. Google Buzz is pants, Microsoft may have no pants on, and the IOC is trying to sue the pants off everyone under the sun. And Molly will not be wearing pants to BOL's SXSW meetup. Find out why in the show. --Molly

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How Google Buzz hijacks your Google profile

Reports: 5,000 ‘overtly sexual’ iPhone … Read more

Buzz Out Loud 789: We like the Moon, don't break it

Veronica's back with us today as we record from the New Media Expo in Las Vegas. We talk about the woes of the modern Web, and specifically Netflix's problems on the back-end. Also there's some news about Windows 7, or at least news about when more news will be coming. And thankfully the IOC backed down on the DMCA takedown notice. That and some more hilarious e-mails.

Listen now: Download today's podcast EPISODE 789

Netflix may lose $1.8M to $3.6M in revenue per day over outage

10 … Read more

Olympic committee rethinks copyright infringement claim on YouTube

The International Olympic Committee has retracted a Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown request it sent to YouTube over a Tibetan protest video.

According to Corynne McSherry, an attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the IOC requested earlier this week that YouTube remove the video called "Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony." The video, posted by Students for a Free Tibet, is a montage of scenes from Tibet protests around the world. The Olympic rings are shown in the video briefly a couple times.

YouTube initially removed the video, but subsequently questioned whether the IOC could truly file a DMCA claim … Read more

Buzz Out Loud 786: Do these cookies make my Google look fat?

Congress learns all about cookies (not the delicious kind...but maybe the kind), Gmail goes down, and Google proves to be a terrible communicator. Also, the Amazon Kindle may take off after all (har har), and Twitter baffles us completely regarding its follow/follower spam prevention thing. In sum, it's a Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday.

Listen now: Download today's podcast EPISODE 786

Google apologizes for Gmail outage

PC World: Google Apps hit by prolonged Gmail access problem

Android may be … Read more

YouTube Olympics channel brings games to multiple nations

Updated at 1:30 p.m. PDT with comments from YouTube and the hours of online live content offered by NBC.

Citizens of Ethiopia and Thailand (we originally said Taiwan here, which is not included) are among the international Web users who will be able to view online content from the Beijing Olympics via YouTube, according to an announcement made by the International Olympic Committee Monday.

While NBC holds the Olympics digital video-on-demand rights in the U.S., rights have not been sold on an exclusive basis in more than 70 countries. In those countries, people can access the specialized … Read more