IMDb Movies & TV review

IMDb Movies & TV lets you access the Internet Movie Database on your Android phone or tablet. IMDb is the ultimate reference for movies, TV, and the cast and crew involved with them. As such, it's one of the preeminent argument solvers online.


Comprehensive content: The app has more than just movie credits; it contains a wealth of other information, from movie trailers to reviews to theater listings. We found trailers not only for the latest Hollywood blockbusters but also for international movies.

Go Pro: IMDbPro members can log in to IMDb Movies & TV to access premium … Read more

IMDb app update adds ability to purchase movie tickets

IMDb's app has been updated to allow movie fans to purchase movie tickets from their mobile devices.

The update, which was issued Monday for the Internet Movie Database's iOS and Android apps, lets users find movies at local theaters and purchase tickets. While the new app will compete with Fandango's app, it will also piggyback on the popular movie ticket buying app to handle the transaction in much the same way Apple's iOS 6.1 does.

IMDb's ticket purchase option is available only in the U.S.

The app also allows the purchase of movies … Read more

IMDb on the go

More than just a tool for reading up on celebs and movies, the IMDb mobile app lets you access an enormous entertainment database, view movie trailers, read reviews, track shows, and even get notifications for updates on your favorite celebs. What's more, the Android tablet version is optimized for the larger screen, as it breaks up IMDb's sections into two functional panels.

IMDb opens up directly to a Home screen displaying new trailers, popular movies and shows, upcoming titles, and top news. If you log into your IMDb account, it also shows you recommendations for shows and movies, … Read more

IMDB tunes up its mobile app for TV and movie buffs

Those of us who are fans of IMDB's mobile app will find a few healthy enhancements in the latest version.

Designed for both Apple's iOS and Android, the newest flavor of the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) app is easier to navigate in key ways and taps more heavily into the world of social media.

You can more quickly jump from one season to another of any TV series simply by clicking on the season number. You can also hop from one episode to another by clicking on forward and backward buttons. Holding down the back button now shows … Read more

Actress sues Amazon for revealing her age

The Zuckerbergs and (Nosey) Parkers of this world seem to believe that if we're not sharing everything about ourselves we're not cool. Or something.

Sometimes, though, discretion can be vital to one's ability to survive in this world.

This thesis is being put to the test by an as yet unnamed actress who was aggrieved when she signed up for IMDb's Professional service and encountered what she believes is entirely unprofessional behavior.

No, she was not made to pose on a casting couch. This was, if it is possible, even more base. For, as KIRO-FM tells it, … Read more

IMDB unveils mobile trivia game for iOS

With the huge success of its previous mobile apps in mind, IMDB unveiled on Tuesday a new app it hopes will captivate Hollywood trivia buffs.

To date, users have downloaded IMDB apps 26 million times across all mobile platforms, including 15 million on Apple's iOS and 10 million on Android, the hit site's founder, Col Needham, told CNET. All told, IMDB has about 110 million monthly unique users, and about 25 million monthly uniques for its various mobile apps.

Now the Amazon-owned service is hoping to ramp up the level of its mobile usage with the release of … Read more

Never miss a show with SeriesGuide Show Manager

SeriesGuide Show Manager helps you keep track of all your favorite TV shows using your Android device. It comes with a comprehensive database of episode lists, series information, and television schedules, some of which you can access, even while offline.

To get started, hit Menu, then Add Show. The SeriesGuide Home screen will list the shows you've added, their networks, and their time slots. From there, you can go through full episode lists and mark episodes you've already watched, pull up a list of upcoming episodes, read episode descriptions, find IMDb links, and share episode or series info … Read more

Making the switch to Apple? Get the perfect setup

With the undeniable popularity and success of the iPhone 4 (despite the antenna debacle), iPad, and ever-increasing Mac sales, Apple is gaining customers faster than ever. If you're thinking about making the switch, this could be your perfect setup.

Component one: iPhone 4 Now in its fourth iteration, Apple's iPhone has forever changed the mobile phone landscape by thrusting touch-screen technology to the tips of every tech geek's tongue and every consumer's wish list. Despite its early and somewhat overblown issues, iPhone 4 has had record-setting sales. With the exception of the complaints from a vocal minority regarding its antenna, … Read more

Yahoo, IMDb apps hit Android Market

Android users who want to to keep tabs on their Yahoo mail and learn more about their favorite movies should welcome the addition of a couple of new apps to the growing mobile marketplace.

Yahoo announced Thursday the launch of Android apps for its Mail and Messenger programs topped off by a new mobile-search widget. Available free at the Android Market, the new apps support Android 2.0 or higher and are optimized for the Motorola Droid, HTC Incredible, and Google Nexus One, according to Yahoo.

The Yahoo Mail app offers a variety of enhancements optimized for Android, said Yahoo. … Read more

When TiVoing the Oscars, Twitter is not your friend

If I can tell you one thing about trying to TiVo Sunday night's Oscars, it's that being online during the ceremonies was definitely not a safe place to be.

This is the era of time-shifting, and I like to take full advantage of the fact that I can set my DVR to record something like the Oscars and then sit down later on and watch it at my leisure and yet still be surprised by what happens.

But just as the show was beginning, I switched over to TweetDeck to check something out on Twitter and was horrified … Read more