'Doctor Who'/'Hunger Games' mashup is a bloody good time

It's a simple premise. All the Doctors, including new Doctor Peter Capaldi and the War Doctor, are brought together in an outdoor arena. Only one Doctor will be allowed to leave in the Tardis. Welcome to the "The Doctor Games."

In this bizarre alternate world where both Mockingjays and the Master co-exist, the Daleks round up all the incarnations of the Doctor, deposit them in a forest clearing and, let them duke it out "Battle Royale"-style.… Read more

New 'Hunger Games' endless runner now available for Android, iOS

As most teenagers know, "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" opens in movie theaters tomorrow. Just in time for the release, Lionsgate and Reliance Games have unveiled a movie tie-in for smartphones and tablets.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Panem Run is available now for iOS and Android.

The game, fittingly, is an endless runner in the style of Temple Run, but with lots of power-ups, some social elements, and at least a few "Hunger Games"-oriented challenges.

You start by choosing a male or female character. Seconds later, you're off and running, an angry … Read more

Katniss the kitty? Cats remake 'The Hunger Games'

It's hard to improve on the hit movie and beloved best-selling series "The Hunger Games" -- unless, of course, you replace all the humans with cats. Instead of elaborate special effects, the movie set is "Sweded" (re-created using the cheapest materials possible) into a cardboard masterpiece. Or is that meow-sterpiece?

"The Hunger Games" cat video is part of a bi-weekly series called "Movies As Told By Cats" on The Pet Collective, a site dedicated to pets and the people who love them. The video features the best scenes from "The Hunger Games" -- romance, action, and drama at a purr-fect pace.

"The inspiration came from pictures of cats sticking their heads out of cardboards and someone online decided to draw anime characters on the cardboards," Hai-Lam Phan, senior producer and director, of the series, tells Crave. "I thought it would be funny to build on top of that, and make a story parody out of the frames. Thus, Movies As Told By Cats was born." … Read more

No hunger for this game

The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire for iOS became available on the same day as the launch of the movie, and while it is free, it's only moderately fun for a very short time. As a person who read the books, maybe I hoped the game would be better, but it is about as good as most movie games: more about advertising the movie than playing the actual game.

The game is an endless runner/survival game with the object of staying alive as long as possible. The 8-bit graphics are charming initially, but the gameplay makes you forget … Read more

Hunger Games: Girl on Fire for iOS brings the action

Can't get enough "Hunger Games"? Need something to do while you're in line to buy movie tickets? (The film version opens today, in case you've been living underground.) Get ready for some Katniss-inspired app action.

The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire for iOS has arrived, and while it may be little more than a "teaser" game (the studio's words, not mine), it sure is fun.… Read more

'Hunger Games' marketing efforts aim to satiate fans

As it did with millions of other fans around the world, "The Hunger Games" trilogy completely captured my imagination. I picked up the books about a year ago and read all three in less than two weeks. And I don't even read very fast!

Of course, as soon as I caught word that Hollywood was turning the franchise into feature films, I had to hop online to do my research. I lapped up every bit of casting news and waited with bated breath to catch my first glimpse of the trailer. And when the trailer arrived, I … Read more

Fandango, Amazon gorging on 'Hunger Games' presales

Internet-savvy moviegoers are already gorging themselves on "The Hunger Games," the first cinematic installment of a young-adult fiction trilogy making its debut at 12:01 a.m. Friday at theaters across the country.

And that means fat financial gains for e-tailers like Fandango.

Online ticket sales are sky-high, according to Fandango, a dominant e-tailer of movie tickets -- to the tune of over 2,500 show times sold out across the United States. Fandango is already forecasting its strongest March ever for its virtual box office.

The flick is proving to be the third most popular title in … Read more

Lionsgate taps indie developer for official 'Hunger Games' game

These days, mega-hot movie properties almost always get the app treatment, whether it's a game or some "interactive companion." And right now, there's no hotter property than "The Hunger Games."

Thus, you'd expect that any tie-in app would come from a big developer: EA, Gameloft, or even the studio's own label.

Surprise! The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire for iOS is in development by Adam Saltsman, an indie developer best known for the browser-based games Canabalt and Gravity Hook (both of which have recently been adapted for iOS).

So, what will the … Read more

'Fight against hunger' at Street Fighter IV national finals

So far 2009 is the year for Capcom with the launch of Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter IV, and now the upcoming Lost Planet 2. The hits keep coming, not to mention the newly released DLC for RE5 for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Now Capcom has teamed with GameStop and the EVO Championship Series to "fight against hunger" at the Street Fighter IV National Championship Finals. This event is one of the largest and longest-running fighting-game tournaments in the world.

It's taking place Saturday, April 18 at 7 p.m. at Fort Mason in … Read more

On this day in history, remember the Mooninites

Fellow Americans, on January 31, we celebrate the anniversary of what was undoubtedly one of the most hilarious faux-pas in homeland security: the 2007 Boston Bomb Scare.

For those who stepped in late, on January 31, 2007, the city devolved into mass hysteria (well, kind of) when police were alerted to a number of suspicious electronic devices scattered around the city.

Before long, the city realized that the light-up displays were actually promotions for the upcoming film version of the cartoon show Aqua Teen Hunger Force--light-emitting diode (LED) circuit boards shaped like the show's "Mooninite" characters. But … Read more