Free summer travel apps for iOS

Summer is here in the northern hemisphere and many probably already have their vacation plans set for a short getaway to enjoy the weather. But if you haven't made any plans yet, I've gathered up some highly rated apps to help you get out of town.

This week's collection of apps will help you plan the perfect trip. The first is a popular app that checks for the best flights to your chosen destination and looks for the best deals. The second will help you find the best food in your location once you get there. The third is a mapping and guide app that lets you download the information so you'll never get lost -- even when you have no connection on your iPhone.… Read more

Hipmunk travel search apps now connect to your calendar

Quirky and innovative travel search service Hipmunk has just updated its mobile apps (Android | iOS) with a nifty new calendar integration feature. As of today, the already powerful travel apps can now take inventory of your Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, or Apple iCal events, and overlay its findings on your travel search results pages. This can be an especially useful tool for business travelers with difficult schedules.

If you haven't used Hipmunk before, it's a Kayak-like travel search service on the Web and mobile devices. What makes it unique is its capability to factor in things like departure … Read more

Find your next flight with Hipmunk iPhone app

A new iPhone app from Hipmunk aims to make it easier to find and book your next flight on the go.

Known for its travel search site, the Hipmunk crew just launched its first app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch crowd. Letting you find and compare all the available flights to your destination, the free app aims to help you choose the best one based on price, time, and other factors.

Taking the stage and wowing the crowds yesterday at the Launch 2011 event in San Francisco, the Hipmunk app is a snap to use.

Just enter your … Read more

Reddit head leaves Conde Nast for Hipmunk

Christopher Slowe, a five-year veteran of Reddit who has been in charge of the Conde Nast-owned social news site since the departure of its founders Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian last year, announced on Monday that he's leaving his post. He'll be joining Hipmunk, the travel search site that Huffman launched a few months ago and which brought Ohanian on board in September.

This is a notable move. Reddit has been experiencing a bit of a renaissance lately, with its base of hardcore users successfully launching an online campaign to convince comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to … Read more

Reddit co-founders reunite at Hipmunk

Last month, Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman launched Hipmunk, a flight search engine that aims to address the messiness associated with other flight search engines (you can sort search results by "agony" of travel), and this week he brought on board Reddit's other co-founder, Alexis Ohanian. At this rate, they may be shaping up to be the Cheech and Chong of start-ups, except that "high" in this situation would refer to cruising altitude (we think).

"The way the site has taken off, combined with my own love of travel (and loathing of most travel search … Read more