Former Facebook competitor Hi5 gets bought

Another social network knocked out by Facebook has been forced to sell itself.

Former social network and now social gaming site Hi5 has been acquired by fellow social network Tagged for an undisclosed amount.

Sharing the market with the likes of Facebook and Myspace, Hi5 was once a popular and heavily trafficked social network. But just as Myspace increasingly saw more people jump ship to Facebook, so too did Hi5's users start to abandon the service.

In the face of Facebook's growing dominance, Hi5 transformed itself into a social gaming site a couple of years ago. But despite … Read more

Facebook sent some user data to advertisers

Facebook's privacy policy promises, in no uncertain terms, that it doesn't "share your information with advertisers without your consent." Only "non-personally identifiable" data, it says, are shared.

But the social-networking site confirmed late Thursday that it has, at least in some circumstances, sent the user name of a Facebook member to its advertising partners. That can be used to glean a person's name, interests, and list of friends.

A Facebook spokesman told CNET that the apparent privacy leak has been fixed.

News of this data sharing, which appeared in the Wall Street Journal … Read more

Hi5 to support Facebook games

Hi5, a social network that changed its focus to gaming relatively recently, announced Tuesday that it's built some code so that Facebook application developers can transport their creations to Hi5's platform with minimal effort. It's specifically targeting game developers, so that some of the smash-hit games built on Facebook can now wind up on Hi5.

This may sound familiar: Bebo, the social network eventually acquired by AOL, announced a similar plan to accept Facebook apps late in 2007, but it's unclear as to the extent it was actually executed.

"As a leading game distribution platform, … Read more

8 OpenSocial apps worth trying out

Since OpenSocial's release in 2007, a variety of applications have been developed through the program. While some of the applications are built for MySpace, and others are also available on Facebook--which has kept its distance from the Google-led platform--the majority of them unfortunately are designed for less popular social networks, such as Hi5, Orkut, and Ning.

Some OpenSocial apps, regardless, are worth trying out. From games to profile add-ons, I've found eight that I deem worth adding to a compatible social-network account.

8 OpenSocial apps

Centrl Centrl is a chat tool that enables you to communicate with friends across many social networks. It can be installed on MySpace, Orkut, Ning, Hi5, and elsewhere. Once installed, you can engage in a public chat with anyone or talk to individuals on a variety of social networks, including Facebook. The app also determines your location so you can find folks in your area.

I found Centrl chat to be simple and appealing. But considering that so many social networks have their own instant-messaging tool, don't expect Centrl to gain too much traction anytime soon.

MiniTweet MiniTweet is a simple OpenSocial app. The tool adds a small Twitter update box to your MySpace profile. You can pick a title and input your user name. MiniTweet then displays all your recent Twitter updates on your profile. At any time, you can view your Twitter page by clicking on your MiniTweet title. You can't update your status in the app, but it's still worth checking out.… Read more

Webware 100 winner: Hi5

Site: hi5.com Category: Social & Publishing

Hi5 is a popular social network, and one of the most trafficked sites on the Web. Like other popular social networks, users have profiles where they can post photos and tidbits of information, as well as keep track of what friends are up to. The service also has an application platform that lets third-party developers build Web apps that users can add to their Hi5 dashboard and profile pages.

Hi5 was one of the first social networks to have its own virtual currency. Users can purchase these "Hi5 coins" with real … Read more

Webware Radar: Microblog for celebrities

MogoTXT, a company that wants to become the place for celebrities and sports superstars to connect with each other, announced Tuesday that it has launched a new microblogging tool. According to the company, five players have already signed up for the service including Shane Battier, LaMarcus Aldridge, Jordan Farmar, Eric Gordon, and Spencer Hawes. The real attraction for celebrities, the company's CEO says, is that MogoTXT allows the stars to share in the revenues of their following. In other words, the more users they can attract to the service to follow their micro-blog updates, the more money they can … Read more

Daily Tidbits: Alloy adds Takkle to 'Teen' Network

Alloy Media, a company that provides youth-focused online content, announced Wednesday that it has acquired Takkle.com, an online resource and college recruitment site for high school sports. According to the company, Takkle will join the Teen.com Network, which includes a number of youth-focused sites. Takkle provides tools for high school athletes to create player and team profiles, as well as share videos and photos from games. It claims to draw a monthly audience of "1 million athletes, both male and female." The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

iWidgets, a company that allows users to … Read more

Social networking quirks that annoy me (and maybe you too)

I'm a social-networking addict. I'm never away from my Twitter stream, I always check Facebook for friend updates, and Friendfeed is probably my favorite Web tool this year. I check out Hi5 to catch a glimpse into the future, head back to Friendster from time to time, and can't help but check in with LiveJournal every few months when I feel nostalgic.

But for all that work with social networks, I've also become a somewhat critical and cynical user. And anyone who suffers from my same addiction probably has as well. That's why I've … Read more

Five types of Facebook trolls, and what to do with them

I hang out on Facebook a lot. Too much, maybe. Enough, certainly, to recognize a few types of unpleasant characters. I've come across five distinctive kinds of Facebook trolls, and I'm sure you've dealt with them too. Here's some advice to stop their onslaught and make your Facebook experience just a little better.

Troll type: Old-time Nobody Confirm or ignore? Confirm

Social networks provide a slew of opportunities to connect with old friends, but that doesn't mean you need to befriend your third-grade buddy Bill, whom you haven't had a discussion with in 20 … Read more

Hi5 launches virtual-gift emporium

Social network Hi5 has launched a virtual-gift store and currency called "Hi5 Coins."

Hi5 is big on multiculturalism--the San Francisco-based company enjoys its most loyal following in a number of Latin American countries--so many of the gifts have regional cultural significance. The payment system is handled through the third-party service ClickandBuy, and a total of 36 gifts are available at launch.

Expect virtual-gift services to get even hotter in the social-network world over the next few months, as companies scramble for another form of revenue besides advertising. Facebook has modified its in-house Gifts application to allow for … Read more