Jetpack Joyride adds new features to help you go the distance

Jetpack Joyride (Free), from Halfbrick Studios, makers of hit iOS games Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash, has now added Gadgets -- tools you can purchase with earned coins that help you get further into the game.

Now, when you go into the Stash (the store where you can buy new jetpacks, outfits, and more), there is a new Gadgets category. There are a total of 15 gadgets to choose from (once purchased with earned coins), but you only have 2 slots on any given run. Each of the new gadgets have specific properties that help you on your run. For … Read more

Microsoft and its missed Kinect-ions

It's no secret that Microsoft went all in with Kinect in regards to the future of Xbox 360 last week at E3. While the first part of the company's E3 press conference showed off just a few Xbox 360 games, nearly everything afterward was focused on Kinect's role in the remaining lifespan of the console.

We were mostly underwhelmed with the upcoming Kinect lineup and frankly disappointed in how some games like Star Wars Kinect actually played. Microsoft also appears to be tacking Kinect functionality onto games that arguably don't really need another dimension of control (see Mass Effect 3 and Ghost Recon Future Soldier).… Read more

Chop like a ninja!

Fruit Ninja HD is a faithful iPad adaptation of the popular iPhone and iPod Touch game of the same name. This HD version adds same-device multiplayer and sharper graphics to the original's unique gameplay.

The interface hasn't changed, but the game's goofy and addictive premise--slashing through fast-flying fruit with swiping strokes of a virtual sword--works especially well on the iPad's bigger screen. You can even "go Wolverine" with up to eight-finger multitouch.

The game gives you several options for solo and multiplayer: In single-player, you can play Classic (the game ends when you hit … Read more