Five essential Windows 8.1 time-saving tweaks

Is Windows 8 really the second coming of Vista?

That's the conclusion of Windows expert Paul Thurrott on his Supersite for Windows. Thurrott claims that Windows 8 "has set back Microsoft, and Windows, by years, and possibly for good."

To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of Windows 8's death are a bit premature. Sure, Microsoft has tweaked Windows 8.1 to give it more of a resemblance to earlier versions of the OS than the original Windows 8 release, and the update planned for this spring may look and feel even more like Windows 7.

But there'… Read more

How to make a custom control panel with Windows GodMode

Count the steps it takes to get to a Windows setting--it's often a laborious task. Want to do a disk cleanup? You'll have to go to: Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup.

Many Windows settings and tools require similar, lengthy sets of steps, especially for minor system tweaks that are buried within tools (like adding a new wireless network).

God Mode, a hidden Windows feature, gives you a complete list of every single system setting and tool, letting you create your own customized control panel for quicker access to these settings and … Read more

How to create shortcuts for Windows 7 settings

Instead of using the Windows 7 Control Panel to get to settings you use frequently, why not use shortcuts? You can create both graphical and keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7 settings. Here's how:

Category shortcuts Category shortcuts allow quick access to any category or subcategory of the Control Panel.

Step 1: Open the Windows Control Panel and navigate to the category you want to create a shortcut for.

Step 2: Hover over the text of the category you want, then drag it over to your desktop.

Task and configuration shortcuts Task and configuration shortcuts allow direct access to specific … Read more

Make Windows 7 GodMode easier to manage

Windows 7 GodMode is a super cool hidden developer shortcut that allows you to tweak a huge number of Windows settings from a single place. The problem is, they're listed in a single window--all 278 of them. Scrolling through them all can be a bit unwieldy. Here's how to wrangle those settings so you can manage them easier:

Step 1: Launch GodMode in Windows 7. To enable GodMode, just create a new folder and name it,


Step 2: Right-click on any group title and select "Collapse all groups."

Step 3: Presto! The 278 settings … Read more

Understanding Windows 7's 'GodMode'

Although its name suggests perhaps even grander capabilities, Windows enthusiasts are excited over the discovery of a hidden "GodMode" feature that lets users access all of the operating system's control panels from within a single folder.

By creating a new folder in Windows 7 and renaming it with a certain text string at the end, users are able to have a single place to do everything from changing the look of the mouse pointer to making a new hard-drive partition.

The trick is also said to work in Windows Vista, although some are warning that although it … Read more