Firefox add-ons

Improve Firefox tab behavior with Tab Deque

Firefox's new tab behavior is a bit inconsistent. Right-click on a link and choose Open Link in New Tab and the new tab opens directly to the right of your current tab. In contrast, if you open a new tab, it opens to the right of all of your open tabs.

Firefox add-on Tab Deque changes this behavior. After installing the add-on and restarting Firefox, new tabs will open next to your current tab. This change alone will keep me using Tab Deque, but it boasts another useful feature that makes it easy to toggle between two tabs. If … Read more

Enter Australis: Mozilla streamlines Firefox's look

Mozilla took a major step Monday to launch a significantly revamped look for Firefox Monday, a project months in the making called Australis that will unify the browser's look across personal computers, tablets, and phones.

Australis brings a new look to the frame around the Web page: curvy tabs, more emphasis for the tab you're using and less for the one you're not, and graphical menu that looks more like a grid of apps than a list of options.

At Australis landed in the nightly version of Firefox for browser testers on Monday, taking its first step … Read more

Watch YouTube videos in Firefox's sidebar with Side Watch

Not all multitasking need be productive. If you like to watch YouTube clips while you are otherwise engaged in productive pursuits online, then you have likely juggled two windows, each resized just right so that you can conduct your business in one window while in the other your YouTube clip plays. If you don't mind clips playing in a very small video player, give Firefox add-on Side Watch a try. It lets you play YouTube clips in Firefox's sidebar so that you can keep a casual eye on a video without sacrificing much screen real estate.

When you … Read more

Connect to FTP with your Web browser using FireFTP

File Transfer Protocol may not necessarily be the safest way to transfer files, but it's still one of the most popular. If you need to use FTP to move files in your network, the browser add-on FireFTP makes it easy. It's Fire(fox) + FTP ... get it?

FireFTP only works with Firefox, of course. To use it, you need to have the browser installed first. Then once you've approved the addition of the FireFTP extension, it's tucked away nicely in the "Web Developer" menu.

FireFTP employs the dual-window interface of most standalone FTP clients, running … Read more

How to prevent Google from tracking you

Much has been made of Google's new privacy policy, which takes effect March 1. If you're concerned about Google misusing your personal information or sharing too much of it with advertisers and others, there are plenty of ways to thwart Web trackers.

But what exactly are you thwarting? You don't become anonymous when you block tracking cookies, Web beacons, and the other identifiers as you browse. Your ISP and the sites you visit still know a lot about you, courtesy of the identifying information served up automatically by your browser.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation offers the PanopticlickRead more

How to shop only items sold by Amazon

Avoid ordering goods from third-parties on Amazon with this crafty add-on for Chrome and Firefox.

If you're concerned about the shipping or packaging methods that other companies use, this is a great way to avoid buying from those companies. When you are looking for particular items, only the ones that Amazon has for sale will appear. Keep in mind that while Amazon does have a lot of items for sale, you may not be able to find every item you seek. Here's how to get started:

For Chrome:

Step 1: Add the Shipped and sold by Amazon extension&… Read more

How to secure your PC in 10 easy steps

There's one thing you can do to avoid being the victim of identity theft: follow this 10-step PC security plan.

Encrypt your network connection Most popular sites offer HTTPS connections at least some of the time. In Gmail, click the gear icon in the top-right corner and select "Always use https" under the General tab.

To select Facebook's HTTPS setting, click the down arrow in the top-right corner and choose Account settings. Select Security in the left pane and Edit in the Secure Browsing section of the main window. Check "Browse Facebook on a secure … Read more

Firefox learns to share, again

If at first you can't learn your social skills, try, try again. At least, that's what the Mozilla Foundation is doing.

Following the demise of the first Firefox initiative to bring a more modern range of social sharing to the browser, Mozilla has released today its second attempt in early alpha called Firefox Share (download).

Mozilla has lofty plans for Firefox Share. Along the same lines as the Firefox Weave add-on that later became the default-shipping feature known as Sync, Jay Sullivan, Mozilla's vice president of products, told CNET during a meeting at the company's new … Read more

New Aurora 8 works on memory, guts, and add-ons

Mozilla upgraded its developer's edition of Firefox today to version 8, including changing how forced third-party add-ons are handled and debuting a series of under-the-hood tweaks that continue a renewed assault on performance gains made in Firefox 7 Beta. Firefox 8 Aurora can be downloaded for Windows, Mac and Linux, and it marks the first release of Aurora for Android.

Two add-on changes were revealed last week that represent, for the first time in possibly years, that Mozilla has forced changes on how third-party programs and Firefox interact. Basically, Mozilla is disabling the ability of a third-party program, like … Read more

HTTPS Everywhere opens to all

The security add-on for Firefox called HTTPS Everywhere (download) that forces HTTPS encryption on numerous popular Web sites has graduated to its first stable release, about a year after it was released into public beta.

The tool does not let you force HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) willy-nilly on Web sites. Instead, it includes a series of rules that supports sites that allow HTTPS encryption. The Electronic Frontier Foundation said in the blog post announcing the release that it encompasses more than 1,000 popular sites, including Google Search, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook,, GMX, blogs, The New … Read more