RealNetworks continues to develop DVD-copying device

RealNetworks continues to hire engineers to work on Facet, a DVD player that copies and stores film discs despite allegations by Hollywood that the device violates copyright.

Real has posted a job ad on Craigslist asking for qualified Linux engineers to apply.

"The Facet team is creating a rich set of consumer media experiences that will make the consumer electronics industry stand up and take notice," Real said in the job posting, first reported by Video Business Online.

But studio executives have already taken notice and they haven't liked what they see. Real's hopes of offering … Read more

CNET News Daily Podcast: Trial reveals RealNetworks' plans for 'DVD jukebox'

We check in with reporter Greg Sandoval on the RealDVD trial, during which RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser showed off a prototype "DVD jukebox" the company has in the works. RealNetworks thinks it could be the ultimate solution for home movie libraries, but the movie industry sees it more as a movie pirate's treasure chest.

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Is RealDVD dispute really about a DVD jukebox?

SAN FRANCISCO--When it comes to RealNetworks' strategy to offer consumers a digital alternative to movie discs, RealDVD is only one facet.

"Facet" is also the codename for Real's prototype DVD player. The box, which Real CEO Rob Glaser demonstrated in court on Tuesday, comes equipped with a hard drive and software that enables owners to duplicate DVDs--in a similar fashion as RealDVD--and then store hundreds of movies on the device.

Glaser testified in U.S. District Court here during a preliminary hearing in the copyright case against RealDVD. The Motion Picture Association of America has alleged in … Read more