Review: ESET NOD32 Antivirus 7


Secure Behavior: ESET NOD32 AV will verify to see that your Windows machine is up to date. In addition, it performs an initial full scan to cache and save information about your files in order to reduce redundant scans and speed up scan times in the future. "AV-Comparatives" also displayed strong scores -- including a 98.8 percent detection rate -- for ESET in its Sep. 2013 report.

Stable Design: NOD32 intuitively orders its core features by importance and usability, while still retaining secondary features like real-time monitoring and statistics tucked under Tools for power users. The … Read more

Long overdue ESET update lands on tough turf

The last time we saw a wholly new version of ESET's NOD32 and Smart Security, ransomware didn't exist, Anonymous had just started its campaign against the Church of Scientology, and the first Stuxnet attack hadn't even been launched. The latest versions from ESET bring its suites up to speed with the competition, but except for an innovative education tool, ESET doesn't surpass what's already out there. The basic antivirus suite NOD32 version 5 (download) and the more feature-rich Smart Security version 5 (download) are available exclusively today from CNET

ESET is known for … Read more

ESET returns, but to tough turf

The bottom line: Back from the nearly dead, or at least the un-updated, ESET returns with high-level security that's light on your system. But for a top-tier suite, it's also light on features. Good thing it's priced lower, too.


The last time ESET updated its two security suites--the antivirus and anti-malware-only NOD32 and the more feature-heavy alternative Smart Security--it was a different computer security world. It was March 2009: Anonymous barely existed, Stuxnet hadn't gone public, and ransomware was the stuff of science fiction.

Version 5 of ESET Smart Security is a solid, creative attempt … Read more

Lodsys files suit against New York Times, five others

Lodsys, the group that's gone after both mobile-application developers and large companies in defense of patents it holds, today filed a new patent infringement lawsuit aimed at The New York Times Co. and five others, all of which have previously taken legal action against it in separate court filings.

The suit (PDF), filed in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division, takes aim at six parties: DriveTime Automotive Group, ESET, ForeSee Results, LivePerson, OpinionLab, and The New York Times Co. In its suit, Lodsys alleges that all of the companies are infringing on one or … Read more

Lodsys sued by antivirus software maker

Lodsys, the company pursuing high-profile patent infringement cases against many in the tech industry, is finding itself on the receiving end of a pre-emptive lawsuit challenging its patents.

ESET, a San Diego-based antivirus software maker, filed a declaratory judgment lawsuit (see filing below) on Friday against Lodsys with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California. The lawsuit, first reported by Florian Mueller of the FOSS Patents blog, seeks a declaration that its products do not infringe on Lodsys' four patents and to invalidate those patents.

Lodsys claimed in letters to ESET that the upgrade feature in … Read more

Urban model for cybersecurity ed: San Diego

A Slovakian antivirus company with its American headquarters in San Diego is trying to make good cybersecurity just as much a part of the local fabric as good beaches and Chargers football.

Eset launched the Securing Our eCity program with the San Diego Chamber of Commerce two years ago to offer free workshops to consumers and small businesses on how to stay safe online. Today it has become a model for similar initiatives being launched in Malaysia, Buenos Aires, and London. And it helped with the creation of the Stop Think Connect campaign launched last week as part of National … Read more

Koobface malware makes a comeback

It's baa-aaack. Koobface, that is.

The persistent malware that plagues Facebook users has reared its ugly head yet again.

A new round of e-mails aimed at launching the worm onto the PCs of unsuspecting users has been discovered by researchers for the security vendor ESET, according to the company's Wednesday blog.

Uncovered by ESET researchers in Latin America, this latest Koobface campaign is sending Facebook users messages with a link that claims to direct them to videos of sexual encounters. The link included in the e-mails tells the user to download a video codec to view the X-rated … Read more

Pricey but effective

As far as reputations go, ESET's NOD32 is practically unimpeachable. Version 4 of the popular and effective antivirus and antispyware builds on that rep, emphasizing its community-sourced ThreatSense for preventing attacks before they occur, a slick interface, and some of the highest independently-tested detection rates married to low rates of false positives.

Installation is clean and straightforward. Greatly improved from its humble beginnings as separate scanners that once littered the desktop, NOD32 can be toggled between standard features and more advanced options. Scans were neither blazingly fast nor excruciatingly slow, but the real-time defenses produced no noticeable drags on … Read more

Smart Security makes an effective security toolbox

ESET's Smart Security takes the structure built by their popular antivirus program NOD32 and adds on two wings: a personal firewall and a spam filter. Because much of Smart Security is the same as NOD32, this review will focus only on the firewall and spam filter.

The firewall's advanced settings are Smart Security's strength. Users can extensively customize the firewall's behavior, but don't have to. There are five default settings: automatic, automatic with user-defined exceptions, interactive, policy-based, and learning. You can set safe zones, configure remote desktop access, and manage intrusion detection, all from an … Read more