Facebook, Ericsson partner on innovation lab to expand Internet reach

BARCELONA, Spain -- Facebook and Ericsson are looking to spur the connection of the next five billion Internet users.

The companies said on Monday at the Mobile World Congress trade show that they would be building an "Innovation Lab" at Facebook's Menlo Park, Calif., campus. The lab is part of, an initiative designed to bring Internet access to as many people as possible.

The innovation lab is part of Facebook's ongoing push to turn itself more into a mobile company. Despite its origins as a PC browser-based social network, the company has worked hard … Read more

Ericsson to show off 450Mbps LTE mobile networking

Telecommunications equipment maker Ericsson will show a new variety of LTE mobile networking next week that can reach data rates of 450 megabits per second.

The demonstration, at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, uses a technology called carrier aggregation, which broadly speaking combines signals from multiple base stations and multiple radio frequency bands.

Carrier aggregation is used in the current LTE (Long-Term Evolution) Advanced standard for 4G networks, which generally don't surpass 100Mbps and rarely even come close, but Ericsson goes farther by connecting a single device to three separate carriers, the company said Thursday. It'll … Read more

Ericsson's Vestberg latest to nix Microsoft CEO rumor

This is starting to sound a lot like William Tecumseh Sherman's famous caution when his name got mentioned as a candidate for the presidential election of 1884: "I will not accept if nominated and will not serve if elected."

Earlier today, Bloomberg reported that Ericsson's chief executive officer, Hans Vestberg, informed his company's board of directors that he is not planning to step down to take the top job at Microsoft. Vestberg's name had surfaced in recent weeks as a possible candidate to replace the job that will be left open by Steve Ballmer'… Read more

Ericsson and Samsung end patent dispute, nix all lawsuits

The bitter patent battle between Samsung and Ericsson is now over.

The companies on Monday announced that they have ended all litigation against each other and have entered into a cross-licensing deal on cellular technologies.

Under the deal, Samsung will make an initial payment to the Swedish telecom equipment maker as well as "ongoing royalty payments" for the term of the new multi-year license agreement. The cross-license agreement covers patents relating to GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System), and LTE standards for both networks and handsets, according to Ericsson.

Though the terms of … Read more

Ericsson chief said to be candidate for Microsoft CEO

Microsoft has added the name of Hans Vestberg, chief executive of Ericsson, to the list of potential candidates to replace departing CEO Steve Ballmer, sources tell Bloomberg.

The 48-year-old chief of the telecom equipment maker is among several candidates under consideration to fill the position, the news agency reported, citing unidentified sources. Other possible successors on the list include former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, Microsoft Executive VP Tony Bates, and Microsoft cloud and enterprise chief Satya Nadella.

Ballmer, who has led the company for the past 13 years, announced in August that he would retire within 12 months once a … Read more

Apple, Microsoft group to sell Nortel patents

The Rockstar Consortium -- made up of several tech companies, including Apple and Microsoft -- is aiming to sell off a portion of its hard-sought wireless patents, Bloomberg reported Monday.

Unnamed sources told the publication that Rockstar is "holding discussions" to sell off the Nortel Networks patents, largely related to wireless technology, because it hasn't been able to broadly license them. Patent holders can make money by licensing the use of patented technology to other companies.

The consortium, which also includes BlackBerry, Ericsson, and Sony, fought off Google to purchase 6,000 Nortel patents in 2011 for $4.5 billion. … Read more

Make way for biometric smartphones in 2014, Ericsson says

By the end of 2014, a wealth of new smartphones could come with biometric technology, such as fingerprint-recognition hardware.

In September, Apple released the iPhone 5S, which included a fingerprint reader, in the hopes of bolstering security and improving usability.

And other mobile makers, keen to jump on the biometric bandwagon, may soon embed the technology in their own devices.

According to new research by mobile network maker Ericsson, which polled 100,000 people over 40 countries, about 74 percent of respondents said they believe biometric smartphones "will become mainstream" during 2014.

More than half -- at 52 … Read more

Ericsson: LTE will be pervasive in North America by 2019

If you don't have an LTE connection now, chances are you will by 2019. And so will nearly everyone else.

That's according to the latest Mobility Report from Ericsson, which found that 85 percent of all mobile subscriptions in North America will be tied to an LTE network by 2019. The region will end the year with roughly 20 percent of its accounts tied to LTE, with HSPA and CDMA still dominant.

While North America had previously been behind other regions when it came to cellular technology, it has taken the lead once again with LTE, and will … Read more

Smartphones take lead with 55% of mobile phone sales

The astronomic growth in the mobile arena has been due in large part to the increasing popularity of smartphones, new data from Ericsson reveals.

The communications technology company on Monday released mobile phone sales data for the third quarter, and revealed that smartphones accounted for 55 percent of all worldwide handset sales during the period, though they still represent just 25 percent to 30 percent of all mobile phone subscriptions. But by 2019, Ericsson said, 5.6 billion of the 9.3 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide (60 percent) will be for smartphones.

The trend is being driven by the arrival … Read more

Ericsson aims to bring cell signal everywhere, one Dot at a time

If you've been frustrated with the cell phone signal -- or more precisely, the lack of one -- in your office building, relief might be on the way.

Ericsson announced today a new method designed to bring cellular signal to even the most hard-to-penetrate parts of a building. Called the Radio Dot System, this system consists of multiple disc-shaped radio broadcasters called Dots. Each Dot can "provide high-quality access to mobile broadband and voice services" for the surrounding area, and multiple Dots can be used together to broaden the coverage indoors.

To be clear, this system is … Read more