Malware loves Android, but iOS users could be at risk too

Android has gotten a lot of negative buzz for its susceptibility to malware. But a new study from Juniper Networks suggests that iOS could also be at risk.

Scanning hundreds of thousands of applications across the mobile landscape for its 2011 Mobile Threats Report, Juniper uncovered more than 28,000 pieces of malware last year, a rise of 155 percent from 2010.

As expected, Android was the post popular target.

Malware aimed at Google's mobile OS surged to 13,000 samples at the end of last year from only 400 in June, an increase of 3,325 percent. The … Read more

Apple iOS is safer than Android, McAfee says

In the fight against malware, Apple's iOS outshines Android as a safer environment, but no mobile device is free from risk, says a new report from McAfee (PDF).

Apple has so far done a good job of securing its devices, according to the report, noting that there have been no known cases of malware affecting iPhones, at least those that haven't been jailbroken. One reason iOS is more secure is because Apple restricts the way users can download apps.

iOS device owners can only download apps through Apple's App Store or through Mobile Device Management, which gives … Read more

Android leads the way in mobile malware

Android tops the charts in mobile malware, largely due to the failure of Google's Android Market to properly review apps before they hit the marketplace, says a new report from Juniper Networks.

In a blog post yesterday, Juniper found that Android malware has soared 472 percent since this past July. In particular, October and November have seen the fastest rise in Android malware since Google unveiled its mobile platform, according to Juniper's Global Threat Center.

The number of Android malware samples collected in October rose 110 percent over September and 171 percent over those collected up to July. … Read more

More malware targeting Android

Researchers are reporting the discovery of malware targeting Android devices, specifically a new variant of the DroidDream Trojan found in apps that Google removed from the Android Market, as well as malware on alternative app markets in China designed to run up premium SMS bills, and a data-stealing Trojan that targets one-time bank SMS pass codes.

Mobile-security firm Lookout warned of new variants of DroidDream Light that were found in the Android Market and subsequently removed by Google. "Fortunately the malware was available in the Android Market for [only] a short period of time, so the number of downloads … Read more

Malicious apps removed from Android Market

Google has removed from the official Android Market about two dozen apps found to contain malware that can compromise data, mobile security firm Lookout is warning.

Between 30,000 and 120,000 Android devices may have been affected, Lookout said.

"This weekend, multiple applications available in the official Android Market were found to contain malware that can compromise a significant amount of personal data," the company said in a blog post late last night. "Likely created by the same developers who brought DroidDream to market back in March, more than 25 applications were found to be infected … Read more

Reports: Google yanks infected Android apps

Google apparently has used a kill switch to remove 21 malware-infected apps from both its Android Market and from people's Android devices.

Calling the Trojan the "mother of all Android malware," enthusiast site Android Police said yesterday the infected apps were discovered by a Reddit user. That Reddit user found that pirated versions of legitimate apps were infected by a Trojan called DroidDream, which uses a root exploit dubbed "rageagainstthecage" to compromise a device.

This piece of malware is especially virulent because it apparently cannot only capture user and product information from a device but … Read more