T-Mobile's Macklemore concert gets its own crashers, and it's not AT&T

The T-Mobile-sponsored Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert got party crashers of its own on Thursday, with student demonstrators attempting to drum up attention for the treatment of the carrier's employees.

University of Southern California students with the United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) group were inside the venue with signs calling for the two rappers to break up with T-Mobile and CEO John Legere.

Outside, there were half a dozen demonstrators holding balloons and a sign that said, "John Legere is full of hot air."

Legere, who isn't afraid to mince words and has been known to crash parties himself, … Read more

Plane crashes, woman dies, survivor films and takes selfie

Would you have done the same?

Ferdinand Puentes was one of nine passengers in a 2002 Cessna Grand Caravan which suddenly suffered engine failure off Kalaupapa, Molokai in Hawaii last month.

As he heard the engine fail and saw the plane heading for the water, one of his first instincts was to turn on his GoPro camera and film what might have been his own demise.

As KHON-TV reports, Puentes knew the danger he was in, yet the decision to film as much as possible might perplex a few.

He managed to get out of the plane alive and survived the crash. However, while he was floating on a seat cushion and wearing his life vest, he took a selfie. … Read more

'Space Ferrari' crashes to Earth; more space junk coming soon

UPDATE: The ESA now says that GOCE reached "atmospheric interface" above an area between the tip of South America and Antarctica, near the Falkland Islands. According to ESA's Space Debris Office: "This would put the main area over which any possible GOCE remnants fell to the southernmost regions of the Atlantic Ocean."

At some point on Sunday evening, the European Space Agency's Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer -- also known as GOCE or the "Ferrari of Space" for its sleek shape -- broke up and crashed back to Earth after spending four years in a low orbit precisely mapping our planet's gravity.

As for the obvious question about where exactly it crashed, well, there's been no sightings of fireballs in the sky or reports of damage from falling space junk just yet, but the official word from the ESA is that it re-entered the atmosphere somewhere between Antarctica and Siberia. Turns out that mapping GOCE's demise is done with a little less precision than the mapping the satellite itself once did.… Read more

Drone crashed, almost hit me, says Manhattan businessman

We soon will live in a world where drones are zipping around us like grasshoppers.

We won't stop to wonder what they're doing, because we'll have long discarded any notions of personal privacy. Perhaps we'll visit YouTube every night to see whether we've appeared in some drone footage that day.

A Manhattan businessman may not be looking forward to the future quite so much. He claims that on Tuesday evening a drone nearly struck him as it crash-landed near Grand Central Station.

As WABC-TV reports, the unnamed businessman said the drone was "helicopterish" … Read more

Google Street View driver makes case for robo-driven cars -- he hits two buses (and a truck)

One day, Google Street View cars will all be self-driving. Then, every crash will be the fault of some human who doesn't work for Google.

For now, we have to put up with the idea that there's a human at the Street View wheel who might do what humans sometimes do. … Read more

CoreText bug may crash OS X and iOS apps

There is a bug in Apple's iOS and OS X operating systems that will cause the current application to crash if it attempts to render a specific string of Arabic characters.

The bug, found in the CoreText framework Apple uses in iOS and OS X, was apparently mentioned on Twitter as far back as February but recently gained attention among the coding and hacking communities. Apple so far has not acknowledged the issue or offered a fix, though researchers claim that while it affects prior versions of OS X and iOS, the latest developer previews of OS X Mavericks … Read more

NASA drops a helicopter on purpose, for science

We're all familiar with car crash tests. NASA went bigger, much bigger, with a helicopter crash test designed to test new seats and seatbelts.

On Wednesday, the Marine CH-46E Sea Knight helicopter fuselage was filled with crash test dummies, hoisted up 30 feet in the air, and then dropped in a swinging motion. It was traveling at 30 mph when it was released to meet the ground from 30 feet up at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va.… Read more

Banger racing (destruction derby) proves that motorsport doesn't have to be expensive

Motor racing is expensive and inaccessible, right? Well, that's not always the case. Banger racing is cheap, fun, dangerous, and very accessible. So we decided to have a go.

I was told that I could get out at any point. I'd not be judged and no one would blame me for wanting to stay in bed on a Sunday rather than have lots of car crashes.

The majority of my Twitter followers told me to run and stay safe. My chums on Facebook were organizing a small audience to spectate, not for support, but so my death wouldn'… Read more

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse: Priciest car we've ever driven (CNET On Cars, Episode 19)


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Well, I don't know what to say about the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse that hasn't already been said. Add to that the fact that we only had access to it on public streets with moderate speed limits and you can see I was in a pickle. So I chose to seek out the essence of the car and tell some of its less-told stories. I hope you find it at least something of a departure from the usual … Read more

Graphics-related crashes resurface for mid-2010 MacBook Pro systems

A graphics related bug that affected MacBook Pro systems upgraded to OS X 10.7 Lion has resurfaced for a number of people who have upgraded and subsequently updated their systems to Mountain Lion.

When Apple released OS X 10.7 Lion in 2011, a number mid-2010 model MacBook Pro owners found their systems inundated with crashes and graphics-related errors in which the system would show a black screen and freeze, requiring a forced shutdown and restart of the system.

This issue affected a number of people, and because some users were able to overcome the issue with a logic … Read more