Dragon Age: Inquisition character kits help with cosplay

Cosplayers, it can't be denied, put in a lot of work dressing as their favorite characters (to varying degrees of success, to be sure, but even throwing together the right elements can take quite some time to source). In many cases, they have to scour the Web for reference materials to make sure they're getting everything just right.

To help fans -- not just cosplayers, but fan artists, illustrators, and writers -- BioWare has announced that it will be releasing kits detailing characters and their costumes from the role-playing game Dragon Age: Inquisition, due out in the third quarter of this year. For a long time, the team at BioWare has delighted over fan creations, even going so far as to start designing costumes with more pockets so cosplayers can hide their phones and wallets, Bioware community manager Jessica Merizan wrote. … Read more

Winter is coming: Suit the cat in battle armor

Why should dire-wolves have all the fun? Now you can suit up your pet cat in custom-made flexible "Game of Thrones"-style armor that will give mice nightmares for years to come.

Andy and Barbara Fyfe, a husband-and-wife team who run the Etsy store Schnabuble, mainly sell human cosplay gear like this Kraken Reaver Helmet, Mark IV Cyber-Arm, and Waywatcher Antler Headdress. Now they sell Cat Battle Armor too.

The Cat Battle Armor sells for a hefty $500 plus shipping. It fits most adult cats, and is handmade from leather, waxed cord, nickel silver hardware, and a little elastic. … Read more

The 404 1,363: Where we sit too close to the news (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Rear window emoticons broadcast driver's mood to the road.

- The Denver Museum wants you to Tweet at a plant for science.

- Mort Garson - "Plantasia" (music for your plants).

- Fox News debuts beautifully balanced giant tablets in its newly revamped newsroom.

- NPR asks: How do you get your parents into new music?… Read more

Behind the mask: How a 'Star Wars' fan became Boba Fett

Three types of people generally inhabit costuming (cosplay) culture: those who buy elementary outfits from places like Party City; those who pursue advanced costumes that tally up hundreds of dollars; and truly dedicated folks like Andrew Miller, who invested hundreds of hours into creating his own custom-made Boba Fett getup.

For Miller, a Michigan office worker, being Boba Fett -- or at least looking and acting a whole lot like the intergalactic bounty hunter -- has become a second life of sorts. The pictorial below explores Miller's "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi"-inspired Boba Fett outfit, which took many years of dedicated work, research, and painting -- and, of course, extraordinary attention to detail -- to achieve. … Read more

Rounding up CNET's pictorial coverage of Dragon Con

ATLANTA -- Over Labor Day weekend, Georgia hosted one of the premiere geek conventions around, known as Dragon Con.

The event, now in its 26th year, stretched over five convention-size hotels in downtown Atlanta and brought in more than 50,000 people to celebrate every walk of geek culture, from video games to comic books, anime, and more. There were countless discussion panels, plus vendors, art, and cosplay, lots and lots of cosplay. … Read more

Costumes on parade at Comic-Con 2013

SAN DIEGO -- Iron Man? Check. Gender-bent Han and Leia? Check. The Internet? Check.

Wait, what do you mean, "the Internet"?

It turns out, you can cosplay as just about anything. Whether you're dressed up as your favorite DJ/superhero mashup or just your favorite social networking site, the cosplaying fans at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 didn't disappoint when it came to showing off their passionate creativity for all things costumed.

Scroll through our gallery of some of the more creative, outlandish, unexpected, and -- in one instance -- out-and-out creepy costumes from the Con floor. … Read more

The shape-shifting seamstress of your cosplay dreams

Comic-Con is just a month away and Mel Hoppe definitely plans to be there. In fact, July is a busy month for the self-described cosplayer, gamer, and geek. Almost immediately after the big show in San Diego, she'll be heading up to Kintoki-Con, the Asian media and culture convention in Sacramento, Calif., where she'll be hanging out in the "Artist's Alley" under her alias, WindoftheStars.

That's because Hoppe isn't just a dedicated cosplayer, she also makes and sells her own costumes from her home base in northern Nevada. I came across the work of WindoftheStars on Google+ a few months ago and was blown away by the beauty, realism, and range of her creations (fortunately, she doesn't go as far as this real-life anime girl).

I reached out to Hoppe to learn a little more about how she got into her craft. She told me a story I'm sure many readers of Crave can relate to. It all started with a Commodore 128 and a joystick at a young age.… Read more

Banthapug dog invades 'Star Wars' universe, drools on it

Last year, Chubbs the pug charmed the world of "Star Wars" fandom with a ridiculously adorable Wampug costume. In a bold effort to top that triumph, Chubbs got a new look for Halloween this year: the Banthapug.

Banthas are known for their shaggy fur, long tails, and arching horns. On Tatooine, they grow to be the size of elephants. The Banthapug cross-breed, however, only grows to be the size of a small dog. … Read more

The 404 1,152: Where there's no basement in the Alamo (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Katie interviews DC Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee at New York Comic Con.

- Check out Katie's new app Splatrpult, available today for a free download.

- The New Yorker traces emojis back to the beginning.

- Real apples branded with Apple's logo.… Read more