Meet Viking's newest kitchen appliances

LAS VEGAS -- Viking already offers an extensive collection of high-end kitchen appliances. But the brand recently added a few new models to its existing line of premium products -- a french-door oven, a TurboChef oven, and a redesigned range. They are currently on display at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show 2014 in Vegas.

Viking Professional french-door oven

You might do a double take when you first catch a glimpse of this 30-inch double oven. Yep, it comes with french doors. That may seem counter-intuitive at first, but this design closely mimics what you might see in a professional … Read more

Electrolux's new dishwasher has a need for speed

LAS VEGAS -- Electrolux did a little research to find out what folks think about their dishwashers. Turns out, a lot of people are dissatisfied. Eighty-three percent are unhappy with cleaning performance, while 57 percent of users think their dishwasher takes too long to complete a cycle. I know I can relate to at least one of these complaints -- and chances are that you can, too.

So, Electrolux decided to focus on these areas during the design phase of its latest model, the stainless steel dishwasher with IQ-Touch controls. Announced today at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), … Read more

Bosch brings a bunch of new appliances to Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- In addition to the Benchmark series that Bosch just announced, the high-end appliance company is also unveiling a whole bunch of other products also due in stores this April. Here are some of the highlights.

800 series drawer microwaves

These drawer microwaves are supposed to be able to accommodate up to a 9x13-inch baking dish or a 20-ounce cup. They can be installed under a stovetop and are designed to sit flush against your cabinets. They are priced at $1,549.

800 series freestanding french door refrigerators

These refrigerators boast LEDs and a water dispenser that's … Read more

Bosch unveils Benchmark series at Design and Construction Week

LAS VEGAS -- Design and Construction Week is well underway. Not only that, but the International Builders' Show (IBS) and the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) are happening in Vegas right now, too. Fortunately, we're on the ground reporting the latest in home appliance news -- and Bosch just announced a new Benchmark product line for your reading and photo-viewing pleasure. It signals a complete overhaul of the Bosch kitchen suite.

Benchmark wall ovens

These 30-inch ovens boast a "universal cutout design" for easy installation. They also offer SideOpening doors that remind me of a typical … Read more

Is 3D printing the future of home building?

Building a 2,500-square-foot house in less than 20 hours? It sounds like a tall tale, but a professor at the University of Southern California says it is absolutely possible. He would toss out traditional building practices and replace them with a single 3D printer.

It's called contour crafting, creator Behrokh Khoshnevis, the director of the manufacturing engineering graduate program USC, tells CBS News.

"Construction the way it's done today is very wasteful," he explained in a presentation at TEDxOjai. "Our solution benefits from advanced technology...It is essentially a way of streamlining the process … Read more

Apple branches out with new campus in Santa Clara

As delays have hampered the construction of Apple's proposed upcoming spaceship-like headquarters, the tech giant has begun construction on a two-building campus in nearby Santa Clara, Calif., to house its overflow of employees, according to the Oakland Tribune.

Apple agreed to lease the Santa Clara site, which is close to its current Cupertino headquarters, and plans to move in by 2014. Now under construction, this office will be nearly 296,000 square feet, take up two six-story buildings, and accommodate at least 1,200 employees.

Apple has been making moves to find extra space to fit employees around Silicon … Read more

Castle!: A construction kit that lets RPGers storm the walls

Some of my fondest childhood toy memories revolve around Legos. About the time my brother showed up with a Dungeons & Dragons book, we left the Legos behind. Thanks to the thriving world of role-playing miniatures, that sense of building and creation doesn't have to be consigned to the depths of childhood.

It's always been easy to get your hands on miniature monsters and knights, but creating landscapes for them to play in is another matter. The Castle! Kickstarter from Castle Foundry is looking to provide RPGers with a setting that is just as engaging as their carefully painted minis. … Read more

Microsoft reportedly asks China to stop state-run software pirates

Microsoft wants China to curtail the use of pirated software at four of the country's state-run companies, according to a story out today from Bloomberg.

Microsoft has reportedly already issued complaints against China National Petroleum (CNPC), China Post Group, China Railway Construction, and TravelSky Technology, all of which are run by the Chinese government.

Redmond believes that more than 40 percent of Office and Windows Server client software used by CNPC is pirated, Bloomberg reported, citing information from "three people familiar with the situation."

A spokesman for CNPC declined to comment to Bloomberg on the allegation. A … Read more

Small Japan village goes all solar

Japan's nuclear spring didn't last long. Though the country's nuclear power plants were taken offline following the Fukushima nuclear disaster last year, the government restarted a reactor earlier this month.

But that hasn't stopped a small village some 50 miles from the Oi plant from ditching conventional electricity from the grid and going solar.

Sanno in Hyogo Prefecture, population 42, has become the first municipality to rely on solar power.

Residents of the 11 households have an average age over 60, and the village, like many in rural Japan, is suffering depopulation. Costs for maintaining shared … Read more

After more than 30 years, Grid Beam modular construction system comes to market

This year at the San Francisco Bay Area Maker Faire, trying to juggle my own interests (talk to cool people) and my 5-year-old son's (build or break stuff), we both hit paydirt at the same time when we stumbled across the Grid Beam exhibit.

My kid spent 45 minutes in the hot sun inventing and screwing together a life-size car-like contraption, and I got to dive into the minutiae of the product with its creators, Phil and Richard Jergenson.

Grid Beam is Erector Set meets IKEA. The hardware is standard 2x2 wood beams with holes drilled through every 1 1/2 inches (which is the actual width of a 2x2 beam), and standard furniture bolts that will be familiar to anyone who's ever assembled a futon frame.… Read more