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Fix shared computer 'not found' in Finder

When you connect your Mac to a network where there are file sharing services, such as AFP and SMB services from other Mac and Windows systems, you will see these computers show up in the "Shared" section of the Finder sidebar. Accessing these is then as easy as clicking the computer, logging in, and selecting a shared folder to mount on your system.

While this feature can be exceptionally useful, you might sometimes encounter a problem where the system cannot connect to listed shared devices and will instead give you an error stating the item "cannot be … Read more

That's Chef Watson to you

AUSTIN, Texas -- We know that IBM's Watson computer is the world's best "Jeopardy" player. But does it have a clue about what tastes good?

On Thursday night, I was one of a small and very lucky group of people invited to an IBM event to find out.

Called "Cognitive cooking," the event was a demonstration of Watson's so-called "computational creativity." Essentially, the idea went, IBM set out to have its famous computer help design a gourmet meal, one filled with dishes made from recipes the world had never seen before. … Read more

PC shipments to keep falling through 2018 -- report

The PC market will face an increasingly rougher patch over the next few years, says research firm IDC.

In its latest Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker report released Tuesday, IDC said it lowered its PC shipment forecast for 2014 by 2 percent and its longer-term estimate by just under 1 percent. Global PC shipments are now expected to decline from 315.1 million last year to 295.9 million this year and 291.7 million in 2018.

PC shipments across the world fell by 9.8 percent last year, a bit better than IDC's projection of a 10.1 percent … Read more

To diagnose prostate cancer faster, scientists bring aboard engineers

The earlier doctors find diseases, the better (typically) one's prognosis. Looking for biomarkers -- the biochemical signatures of certain diseases that are found in tissue, blood, and urine -- is one way to diagnose diseases earlier, even before a patient is symptomatic.

The good news is that scientists are identifying new biomarkers in labs on a regular basis; the bad news is that it can take years and even decades to study them in clinical trials, and it can be expensive to conduct those trials. So scientists are working more and more closely with engineers to build computational models … Read more

Broadcom aims to double Wi-Fi speeds with new 802.11ac chip

BARCELONA, Spain -- Broadcom announced a new networking processor Monday that brings a faster flavor of the new 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard to mobile phones.

The BCM4354 system-on-a-chip supports the 2x2 MIMO (multiple input/multiple output) technology, which can transfer data faster on a single frequency by using two transmitting antennas and two receiving antennas. The technology -- at least when a newer 802.11ac-equipped network access point is on hand -- doubles the data rate of earlier 1x1 products while cutting power usage by 25 percent, the company said Monday here at the Mobile World Congress.

Faster Wi-Fi is … Read more

Google Glass enthusiast: It's not worth the headaches

When the novelty wears off, do you stop wearing the novelty all together?

And what if the novelty is proving to be more of a pain than you ever imagined?

These seem to be the thoughts that have coursed through the head of Chris Barrett, who once prided himself on being a Google Glass Explorer but now worries that it has affected his health.

Barrett is the PR man who was first to take Google Glass into a casino (and not get thumped by someone twice his size).

He also claimed to be the first to film an arrest with Google Glass, … Read more

Apple Mac Pro ship date pushed back to April

Apple has pushed back the delivery of its high-end Mac Pro computer to April.

The listing for the sleek, black, cylindrical computer on the company's US online store shows that both the Quad-Core and 6-Core versions of the Mac Pro won't be available to ship until April. Previously, ship dates were posted for February but then were pushed back to March.

The device, which is 9.9 inches tall and weighs 11 pounds, went on sale in December. The computer comes with a hefty price tag, starting at $2,999 and customization add-ons that can push the cost … Read more

Take a trip down memory lane to Google's first data center

Before Urs Hölzle became Google's first chief engineer, he took a tour of the company's server room at the Exodus data center in Santa Clara, Calif. Not yet a Google employee, Hölzle was taken there by Google co-founder Larry Page on February 1, 1999, on possibly the shortest Google data center tour of all time.

"You couldn't really 'set foot' in the first Google cage because it was tiny," Hölzle said via Google+ on Tuesday, almost 15 years to the day since that tour. Hölzle continues to … Read more

HTC confirms plans to sell wearable device this year

HTC plans to begin selling a wearable device by year's end, HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang told Bloomberg, confirming long-standing rumors that the troubled handset maker will jump into the wearable computing fray.

"Many years ago we started looking at smartwatches and wearables, but we believe that we really have to solve the battery problems and the LCD light problems," Wang said in an interview Tuesday. "These are customer-centric problems."

The account of the interview offered no specifics on what consumers could expect or when. CNET has contacted HTC for more information and will update this … Read more

Sochi visitors entering hacking 'minefield' by firing up electronics

If you've read anything about the Sochi Olympics over the last few days, there's as much a chance that it was about broken and unfinished infrastructure as actual athletics. And now comes word that hackers are having a field day with unsuspecting Sochi visitors.

According to an NBC News report, unprepared Olympics attendees are being hacked the second they fire up their electronic devices.

NBC reporter Richard Engel worked with a security expert to set up two test computers in order to see just how quickly he'd be attacked when logging onto Russian networks. But, he reported, … Read more