Chirpify rolls out reply-to-buy system on Facebook

You can't be a country music star, but now you can sell like one -- on Facebook.

Chirpify, the start-up that made it possible for Tim McGraw fans to type "buy" to purchase his new album via Facebook, is making its reply-to-buy commerce system available to all.

Chirpify, founded in 2011, is a start-up that powers in-stream transactions on Twitter, Instagram, and now Facebook. Last month, the Portland-based company partnered up with McGraw to soft-launch its reply-to-buy system. Now, it's ready to let all merchants and individuals sell to their Facebook fans.

Chirpify integrates with Facebook … Read more

Galaxy S4's awkward tween messenger

CNET Update can't keep a secret:

Soon we will know the secrets of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Until the smartphone is unveiled on March 14, the young Jeremy Maxwell must keep the secret smartphone safe. (Wait, what?) Samsung's odd teaser video for the Galaxy S4 might leave you asking, "What was Samsung thinking?"

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- YouTube's iOS app can send videos to your TV

- The Socialmatic Camera will be made in 2014, with support from Polariod

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Type 'buy' as a Facebook comment, buy some music

Country singer Tim McGraw wants you to buy his album -- on Facebook. Tuesday, the recording artist became one of the first people to try out a new system for selling through status updates on the social network.

McGraw's team used e-commerce platform Chirpify to encourage Facebook fans to type "buy" in the comments section of a post to instantly purchase a special edition of the star's "Two Lanes Of Freedom" album.

The effort marks the start of Chirpify's foray over to Facebook. Chirpify was founded in 2011 and began by turning tweets … Read more

Digging deep into Microsoft's Surface

Wednesday's CNET Update covers the Surface:

Microsoft's Surface RT tablet hits stores Friday, but CNET has the full review here. Today's tech news roundup also goes over the differences in Windows RT and Windows 8.

If phablets are more your style, CNET also has the review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, now available at T-Mobile for $370 after a rebate and two-year contract. AT&T will sell it for less, at $300, when preorders begin Thursday.

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Chirpify lets you buy stuff on Instagram

Chirpify, a startup that lets consumers purchase items by simply typing the word "buy" on Twitter, is heading to the photo-happy Instagram with one hot visual -- tattoo artist and reality star Kat Von D.

Von D joins other celebrities and brands -- like hip hop artists Meek Mill and Wale, the creators of Kony 2012 Invisible Children and Keen footwear -- signed up to start selling goods on Instagram today using Chipify's service. The Portland, Ore., startup conducts sales through social media -- taking payments, and in some cases, delivering the products through direct messaging. On … Read more

Chirpify: Tweet if you want to give money to Obama or Romney

Chirpify, the company that essentially turns tweets into money, is getting into politics.

The company launched its "Tweet a Presidential Candidate" Web site today. The site lets donors give and track donations to the Barack Obama and Mitt Romney presidential campaigns with a tweet.

Chris Teso, Chirpify's CEO, said the 4-month-old company sees Twitter as the perfect platform for fundraising. He said Chirpify recognized social media's influential role during the 2008 presidential election when the Obama's campaign took advantage of social media for a grassroots approach.

"Now it's exponentially magnified this year," … Read more

Tweet 'buy' to purchase flights by Twitter

If you're a frequent flyer, there's nothing that sucks the fun out of travel like combing the Web for deals (apart from airports and economy class, that is). But what if buying a ticket were as simple as tweeting?

TweetAFlight promises to get you deals in ads you see on Twitter if you just tweet "buy" in response.

Steven Frischling of The Travel Strategist hopes to launch TweetAFlight in the next few months. It's aimed at giving you the best chance of taking advantage of Twitter deals on airfares -- before you can become distracted while you follow the ad link to a Web page. … Read more