Adobe CS Extensions not installing after OS X 10.7 upgrade

If you are running Adobe CS5 or CS5.5 and have updated to OS X Lion, you may encounter an error with the Adobe Extensions Manager utility in which you cannot install any new extensions.

This issue was found in early December by a number of Adobe CS5 users who had upgraded to OS X Lion, and after investigating the issue, Adobe issued a patch to the software that should allow the Extensions Manager to work properly again. The update has been available in Adobe's Update Manager, so if you regularly update your Adobe software, then you should be … Read more

Adobe's new pricing plan: Ouch, users say

It's time for Photoshop customers to think carefully about how to pay for the software, because Adobe Systems is curtailing upgrade deals to steer people toward a new $600-per-year subscription for a wide range of its products.

Subscription pricing, in which a person gets rights to use software for period payments, has been a mixed success in recent years. Red Hat has made it work with Linux and related server software, but Microsoft's enthusiasm for subscription pricing seems to be emerging mostly through online services such as Office 365.

Adobe--a software powerhouse going through a rough patch with layoffsRead more

Adobe issues CS5.5 and iPad-aware Photoshop

Opening a few new chapters today, Adobe has begun selling its CS5.5 software suites, releasing a revamped Photoshop CS5 that dovetails with a new collection of iOS apps, and beginning a subscription pricing model.

Adobe's Creative Suite 5.5 products actually consist of a variety of suites emphasizing work such as video production, Flash and Web programming, and design. The Master Collection, which incorporates all of the products, costs $2,599, and at the other end of the scale, CS5.5 Design Standard costs $1,299.

Collectively, the features show that Adobe is turning, though with the nimbleness … Read more

The challenges of PC benchmark development

One of our goals here in CNET Labs is to keep PC benchmark testing current. This does not come without its challenges. One good example of the process is our recent work on a new Photoshop CS5 benchmark.

First, a little background. We are sometimes asked why we don't use off-the-shelf benchmark apps such as 3DMark or Sysmark. These software packages are popular benchmarking tools, but they're synthetic benchmarks, in that they represent performance in a series of proprietary tasks, not commonly used consumer software. Those kinds of tests certainly have value--for example, we currently use Cinebench 11.… Read more

Adobe offers HTML5 pack for Illustrator CS5

It was just last week that Apple relented on its ban of ported Flash applications for iOS devices, but unsurprisingly, Adobe is still toddling along with its piecemeal rollout of HTML5 support in its Creative Suite 5 applications. The HTML5 pack for Dreamweaver became an official update patch at the end of August, and now the company is following up with an informal update for Illustrator CS5. Adobe refused to call it a beta, but neither is it a final version; it's a "compatibility update and will not roll out through the normal update process, and will change … Read more

Adobe resurrects Flash-to-iPhone app tool

In the wake of loosened Apple restrictions, Adobe Systems has restarted work on a tool called Packager for iPhone that lets developers make native iOS apps out of Flash programs.

"We will now resume development work on this feature for future releases," Adobe said in a blog post Thursday. "This is great news for developers and we're hearing from our developer community that Packager apps are already being approved for the App Store."

Apple relaxed its iOS developer rules on Thursday, removing the restriction that had blocked Packager for iPhone applications and permitting advertisements supplied by Google's AdMobRead more

Adobe Lightroom update brings direct Facebook publishing; Camera Raw 6.2 released

For photographers who use Adobe's Lightroom program, there's an update available that fixes a number of issues with the previous version; it also adds new online publishing features. There is also an update for Adobe's Camera Raw plug-in, which brings new Camera Raw profile support to various Adobe programs that use the plug-in.

Before installing any of these updates be sure you create a full restorable system backup using Time Machine or a drive clone.

Lightroom 3.2

Additional camera support for several new camera models including the Panasonic DMC-LX5, Sony NEX-5, and Canon EOS 60D Numerous … Read more

Adobe updates Illustrator CS5 to version 15.0.1

Adobe has released an update for Illustrator, which addresses a number of stability issues including a problem with the program reporting not enough memory on Macs with greater than 4GB, Glyph panel glitches, and crashes at launch and quit.

The list of major changes are the following:

Out of memory problems specific to Macs with RAM exceeding 4gb, including failure of shortcut keys, rulers, or file open have been addressed.

Glyph Panel issues have been addressed.

Several crashes occurring at launch or quit have been addressed.

A crash when traversing a variable data set containing linked images has been addressed.… Read more

Making the switch to Apple? Get the perfect setup

With the undeniable popularity and success of the iPhone 4 (despite the antenna debacle), iPad, and ever-increasing Mac sales, Apple is gaining customers faster than ever. If you're thinking about making the switch, this could be your perfect setup.

Component one: iPhone 4 Now in its fourth iteration, Apple's iPhone has forever changed the mobile phone landscape by thrusting touch-screen technology to the tips of every tech geek's tongue and every consumer's wish list. Despite its early and somewhat overblown issues, iPhone 4 has had record-setting sales. With the exception of the complaints from a vocal minority regarding its antenna, … Read more