CNN App for Android review

The redesigned CNN App for Android looks great and operates smoothly, providing you with a wealth of hot news from one of the world's most reliable sources. Unless you live in the US, however, you won't be able to access the integrated TV channel.


Allows you to post comments: CNN App for Android preserves the core functionality of the official Web site, enabling you not only to read news items, but also discuss them with other people. Other news apps we've tried don't always support comments.

Beautiful and accessible layout: News items are presented in … Read more

Flipboard buys Zite from CNN to quash a rival

Flipboard, the magazine-style news reading app, is buying competitor Zite from CNN, the companies announced Wednesday.

The deal includes an advertising partnership between CNN and Flipboard, which will phase out Zite as a standalone app while adding the Zite recommendation technology into the Flipboard app. The majority of the Zite team, sans CEO Mark Johnson, will join Flipboard.

Neither CNN nor Flipboard would discuss the financial details of the purchase. CNN's news team is reporting that the deal is worth $60 million, but a CNN spokesman said, "While we're not sharing the terms of the deal, the … Read more

CNN, Twitter release tool to help journalists find news faster

Twitter and CNN have unveiled a new tool that will help journalists identify breaking news soon after it happens.

The new tool, developed in partnership among CNN, Twitter, and the social analytics company Dataminr, is designed to identify potentially breaking news as it's "emerging on Twitter in real time."

While any journalist can see news bubbling up on Twitter through their feeds, the new tool, called Dataminr for News, will analyze tweets in real time and identify potential breaking news while it's still in its early stages.

Though there's certainly the potential for false news … Read more

CNN honcho: Second screen? That's no way to watch TV

PARIS -- CNN is a TV network, right? Wrong.

The Cable News Network did indeed get its start on cable TV, but now the news service operates on 20 different platforms ranging from the Web to Android phones to iPads, said General Manager Kenneth "KC" Estenson at the LeWeb conference here on Thursday.

"In order to stay afloat, every television operator must have a massive digital operation behind them," Estenson said. "We made the decision to be on every platform we could as early as we could."

That was then. But technology, … Read more

An inconvenient truth: Why music sounds bad

CNN recently reported on the "death" of the home stereo system, and while that's an exaggeration, few people -- young or old -- have "stereos" anymore. CNN was asleep at the wheel on this one; precious few folks have had stereos for decades. Music is now almost always consumed in cars, and over phones and plastic computer or Bluetooth speakers. If there's an imminent "death" on the horizon, it will surely strike MP3 players and iPods. Phones have already taken over as the portable music players of choice. Do you know anyone … Read more

CNN's Jeff Zucker trades analog dollars for digital quarters

Jeff Zucker, the former NBC executive and now president of CNN, coined the phrase "trading analog dollars for digital pennies" five years ago. It represented the challenge faced by companies built around content distribution and advertising; the revenues generated from accelerating Internet usage, especially mobile, has been far less lucrative than analog and has brought added financial stress. Nearly a year later he modified his statement to "trading analog dollars for digital dimes." Speaking at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference Tuesday, Zucker noted further progress, updating his back-of-the-envelope calculation to "a little north of quarters&… Read more

Zite update aims to better highlight stories, publications

Zite, the personal news aggregator, released on Wednesday a new version of its app that aims to help people discover more stories relevant to them, while better highlighting publishers.

With version 2.3, which is now available on iOS devices, the CNN-owned Zite is trying to make its personalized magazine work better for users, especially those new to the service.

As a result, explained CEO Mark Johnson, Zite will now gray out articles that have already been read and make publications' titles appear in what's called the "topic drawer," the list of topics that show up when … Read more

Google Glass apps: Striving for the familiar (hands-on)

To hear the news today, yes indeed, Google Glass has a number of new apps available for it: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, CNN, Evernote, and even Elle Magazine join The New York Times, Path, Google+, Gmail, and Google Now, starting today.

But, what does that mean? For those who haven't worn Glass (and that's most people), hearing "apps" suggests standalone ecosystems, like iPhone or Android apps. Actually, that's not what they are at all.

As far as Facebook and Twitter on Glass go, there isn't really all that much to it: the Glass apps (or &… Read more

Google: Check out our new Glassware like Tumblr

Google Glass just got a lot more interesting.

Google on Thursday unveiled several new apps -- or "Glassware," as it calls them -- for its wearable computing device. The apps include Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Evernote, CNN, and Elle and join the apps already available from The New York Times and Path. The new apps are currently available to Glass owners.

While the apps have limited functionality compared with their mobile and Web versions, many companies noted the first release is only the start of what their Glass apps will soon offer.

"We believe that wearables are the … Read more

The 404 1,254: Where can you spare a Bitcoin? (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Check out the new Web site for Jill Schlesinger, CBS News senior business analyst!

- Bitcoin bubble burst? Currency suffers dramatic correction.

- Bitcoin drops another 35 percent as exchange reopens.

- Apple earnings could bring profit setback, despite record sales.… Read more