Brookstone brings Upp fuel-cell phone charger to US for $199

Upp, a hydrogen-powered fuel-cell charger for those who want to use mobile phones or tablets for a long time away from a power plug, will go on sale in the US for $199 through Brookstone.

Upp developer Intelligent Energy announced the partnership with the retailer on Monday at the CES 2014 show. The company launched the product in Africa, where power can be harder to come by, but Intelligent Energy officials are hoping it'll appeal to power-hungry buyers in the US, too.

"We see Upp as a real game-changer to meet the needs of a growing user base … Read more

Cufflinks with Wi-Fi hot spot turn you into a digital 007

Let's face it. What's the point of wearing any fashion accessory that doesn't help you move your data around? I mean, that would just be a waste.

Fortunately, Brookstone has you covered with this slick pair of Wi-Fi-enabled cufflinks. These silver oval 'links keep your cuffs together without the embarrassment of using some silly analog plastic buttons, and also double as a USB thumbdrive with 2GB of storage and an embedded wireless hot spot. … Read more

iConvert turns your iPad into a sheet-fed scanner

If tablets are really going to kick laptops to the curb, they'll need some of the same important accessories road warriors rely on. Like, say, mobile scanners.

Enter the Brookstone iConvert Scanner, which combines a sheet-fed document/photo reader with an iPad dock. It's due to ship February 1 for a list price of $149.99.

As shown in the above demo video, you just plunk your iPad (1 or 2) into the iConvert, run the accompanying app, then start feeding your documents, photos, business cards, kids' scribbles, and what have you.… Read more

Big screen, small package: Brookstone's Pocket Projector for iPhone 4

Though it's not the only portable projector on the market, Brookstone's Pocket Projector for iPhone 4 seems to be one of the more elegant options for portable large-format viewing.

The slide-on docking case includes the projector unit, which makes setting up a presentation or video-viewing session quite easy when you're on the go. The 15-lumen LED lamp will give you a crisp 640x360-pixel native resolution that will stay clean up to 50 inches.

Of course, your surroundings play a major role in how crisp the picture quality is with any projector, but especially with the less powerful, … Read more

Magnetic light switch cover offers new home for wayward keys

Jake Frey is only a third-year student of industrial design at Philadelphia University, but he's already marketing his simple, but smart, solution for misplaced keys.

Frey's modified light switch cover places a high-powered magnet on the back of the base plate, giving your keys a dedicated landing pad when you arrive home.

The $24.95 price tag sounds like a lot for a magnet, but it's still cheaper than other key-locating solutions like this wireless key finder from Brookstone, which actually worked for my mom until she lost the transmitter that went with it.

Jake Frey's Magnetic Switch Cover is available now at TheFancy for $24.95.… Read more

Brookstone iPad pinball accessory goes MIA

Gizmodo and few other blogs have posted images of a rather cool-looking iPad pinball table accessory from Brookstone. Alas, for some reason Brookstone's site says the $80 accessory is no longer offered and no free Pinball Magic iPad app for the iPad is currently available in the Apple App Store.

We're not sure why the accessory has disappeared, but we did see it in the most recent Brookstone paper catalog. On the other hand, if you want New Potato's iPhone/iPod Touch pinball accessory (see video below), that's in stock for $30. While the free Pinball … Read more