Start-Ups: Silicon Valley Ep. 8 -- the grand delusion

Last night saw some history in "Start-Ups: Silicon Valley."

Yes, given its rather tawdry ratings -- 20 percent of those of "Real Housewives," so rumor has it -- this could be the last episode ever. So the excitement was more palpable than that for the discovery of the tomb of a hitherto unknown ancient Egyptian king.

We began with grunting. Yes, Sarah (blonde lifecaster, recently recovering from not having breast cancer) and David (gay, vaguely sane) are working out.

Sarah has found a wonderful sponsor for the launch party of David's app. It's called … Read more

Silicon Valley Ep. 7: Dressed to the benigns

As "Start-Ups: Silicon Valley" staggers toward an uncertain future, it's easy to wonder that the protagonists are in a similar position.

This evening's penultimate episode began with lots of dynamic speak from these partying entrepreneurs. There was talk of the coding/entrepreneurship axis, which sounds like a very dangerous alliance indeed.

But, within seconds, we had David (gay, relatively sane) visit Sarah (blonde lifecaster) in order to find out what had happened in the last episode.

No, he clearly hadn't watched it. So here he learned that Sarah had a fight with Hermione (Brit, blonde, … Read more

Silicon Valley reality show canceled? No, no, no

It's been a hellish year.

I have experienced more disappointments than Kate Middleton in a Motel 6. I have even been told by a gnome that everything in the garden wasn't rosy.

But I never thought it would come to this: I heard a rumor that Bravo TV was going to cancel "Start-Ups: Silicon Valley."

Should your obsession with gazelle documentaries have kept you away from this opus, it involves six supposed tech entrepreneurs who go to a lot of parties and occasionally kiss each other and dance around with strap-ons.

Yes, all while trying to … Read more

Start-Ups Silicon Valley Ep. 6: Booty calls and booted dolls

Last week, we left our protagonists on "Start-Ups: Silicon Valley" hanging on the end of a strap-on.

No, wait. It was Hermione (blonde, British, boozer) who was hanging on to a strap-on at the end.

Her brother Ben (short, pretty, pretty short) was livid with her, even though it was her birthday party. One doesn't play with sex toys in front of VCs.

Not unless those sex toys are social and can entice 100 million users within a week.

Ben reveals to Hermione something more important than whether they lost $500,000 to her dildo dancing: he … Read more

Start-Ups: Silicon Valley episode 5: The birthday party favor

The other night I met someone who is utterly riveted by "Start-Ups: Silicon Valley."

It was Windsor, the stellar barperson at my local restaurant, Sushi Ran.

"Why do you like it?" I asked.

"Because it's great," was her excited reply. I probed. She insisted it was great "because it is."

I wonder how great she would have found last night's episode 5. It began with Hermione (British, blonde) embarrassed at her drunken psychotic behavior last week.

It's just the stress of getting funding, explains her brother Ben (short, pretty, … Read more

'Start-Ups: Silicon Valley' episode 3: A glass totally empty

I spent a little time last week trying to persuade my colleague Shara Tibken to audition for the second, New York series of "Start-Ups: Silicon Valley."

She seemed reluctant. I'm not sure whether it was the compulsory bikini shots or having to access a vast egotistical madness within that seemed to put her off.

Worryingly, viewers seem to be increasingly put off too. The Bravo Ratings site, which monitors performance, suggested that a fulsome 50,000 fewer bright young things cared to watch last week's second episode.

This led to Randi Zuckerberg, the show's executive … Read more

Your first adorable snippets of Silicon Valley reality show

You might decide, on viewing these two clips from the new Bravo TV show "Start-Ups: Silicon Valley" that words fail you.

Please don't be alarmed.

Words sometimes know when they have been defeated. They realize that there are occasional moments in life when they can and will have no effect.

So please just click the play buttons here and marvel, say, at the straight face of VC Dave McClure, as he examines a pitch from a couple of very beautiful people -- whose words will make up for your lack of them.

Yes, one of them finds … Read more

I Can Has Reality Show?

For years, those in the know have flocked to one site to get their daily fix of funny pictures of cats.

There's plenty of contenders for the crown, but the king of such sites, I Can Has Cheezburger, has long since left its rivals in the dust in the rarefied field of LOLCats, bringing in countless thousands of people every day who stop by to see images like one of a cat grabbing hold of its human and saying, "You have a pulse. You're well enough to get up and feed me."

The company behind I Can Has Cheezburger, Cheezburger Inc., employs more than 90 people who run dozens of blogs. And over the years, as they've built an audience in the millions, they've spawned two best-selling books. But they've never had a TV show. Until now. … Read more

Silicon Valley's reality show: A new trailer of beauty

What it must be to be ugly and in tech.

What it must be to be, oh, in one's late 20s or even early 30s and be ugly and in tech.

How does anyone cope? The Valley shrinks must never go home to their VC lovers.

This obvious truth is underlined by a new trailer for Bravo TV's forthcoming reality show about Silicon Valley -- which enjoys Randi Zuckerberg as one of its producers.… Read more

Cheezburger reality show to talk dead LOLcats, other big issues

The golden age of LOLcats is upon us. All those irritating and occasionally awesome captioned pictures of kitties are digging their claws even deeper into the soft, sockless, and vulnerable flesh of our pop culture with a new reality show premiering on Bravo in about a month.

"LOLwork" is a comedic documentary-style show that keeps tabs on the goings-on around the Seattle offices of Ben Huh's time-wasting (or productivity-boosting, depending on your choice of studies) empire, the Cheezburger Network.… Read more