Beer mug gadget foams at the mouth (on purpose)

The head of foam on a beer is important. Too much, and you're stuck with a mouth full of fluff. Too little, and you're wondering if the carbonation is correct. Buy a Professional Beer Foam Making Mug from Brando, and you may take control of your beer head destiny.

Press down on a little lever, and watch the beer go whoosh and foam up at the top. Brando refers to it as "joys for all people." The under-21 crowd could always use it to add some head to root beer, I suppose.… Read more

The only 3D tablet for sale is...

Despite the ongoing influx of 3D-capable TVs, cell phones, and other devices over the last several years, one item has been curiously missing from the mix: 3D tablets.

Surprisingly, one of the only retailers selling one widely is Hong-Kong based Brando, a mass maker of consumer electronics accessories. The retailer is offering a Gadmei T863 3D tablet for only $199 that runs Android 2.3 on an 8-inch glasses-free 3D capable lenticular display (1,280x768). It has a single 0.3-megapixel front-facing camera, and support for a wide variety of 2D and 3D photo and video formats.

Before you get all excited, perhaps you should know this budget Wi-Fi tablet only runs a single-core 1GHz Arm Cortex A9 processor (with 512MB of RAM), which is slightly behind the pack of dual-core options out there. However, the 3D tablet does have some other compelling features, like 8GB of built-in storage, speaker/microphone, HDMI output, accelerometer, and a micro SDHC slot. … Read more

The 404 927: Where a funny thing happened on the way to work today (podcast)

It's easy to get lost in all the new Android and Windows Phone handsets coming out soon, but CNET's Kent German, Bonnie Cha, and Nicole Lee have us covered. Today Verizon and Motorola announced their latest Droid Razr, a modern incarnation of the original Razr design with a non-bulletproof Kevlar backing and an ultraslim profile.

We also have a leaked shot of the Google Nexus Prime, a first take of the HTC Titan, and a Microsoft patent that encourages you to access touch screens through your pants. Too easy! This and more irreverent stories on today's episode of The 404 Podcast.… Read more

Who says lunch can't be hot and steamy?

Those of you who've adopted frugality during this recession know that packing a lunch is one of the best ways to cut down on spending. But waiting in line to use the microwave, washing your Tupperware out, and having your lunch stolen from the company refrigerator can make saving a few dollars everyday quite inconvenient.

The USB LunchBox Warmer, by the Hong Kong-based company Brando, keeps your leftovers and homemade lunches toasty hot. Just plug it in to your computer--which acts a power source--via the included USB cable and you're ready to eat a piping hot meal at … Read more

White Bread Wrist Rest: Without it, your hands are toast (get it? TOAST)

The current generation of compunerds is totally screwed. We (yes, I'm one of you) spend at least eight hours surfing the Internet on a daily basis, weekends included! Those YouTube videos aren't going to watch themselves, right?

That's why ergonomics is so important. We need specific keyboards and mice to angle our wrists properly and alleviate all that unnecessary stress--I can't think of a bigger weekend downer than the dreaded "mouse arm."

Thanks to the brilliant minds at Brando Workshop, we now have another ergonomic tool at our disposal. The White Bread Wrist Rest … Read more

Bluetooth headset has a frickin' laser pointer

We're convinced that this gadget was invented by Dr. Evil fans simply for the shark references: It's a Bluetooth headset from Brando (of course) that comes with a built-in laser pointer.

It actually could come handy for PowerPoint presentations, though we'd recommend taking it off your ear before using the pointer to avoid looking like a trained seal. As for the headset, it has a range of 10 meters and talktime of 6 hours, according to Gadget Venue. And it comes with an integrated LED flashlight as well, because Brando can't resist cramming in as many … Read more

Ultimate uselessness: The Car Projector Clock

The mad inventors at Hong Kong-based Brando are at it again, hard at work developing products of little or no use. And its latest offering ranks right up there with the MP3 stylus on the practicality meter.

As ridiculous as it may seem, the Car Projector Clock does exactly what its name indicates: It projects a digital readout on an interior surface, as seen on OhGizmo, not unlike bedroom versions that beam a display on the ceiling. You might ask why someone would need this--and, therefore, why it was created--especially when most if not all cars already have a clock … Read more

Who needs an FM radio headset?

Sometimes we wonder if product developers at Hong Kong-based Brando have a quota to fill on new releases. What else could possibly explain the thinking behind such creations as aromatherapy speakers, mouse label makers, and an MP3 stylus?

That's the only reason we can come up with, anyway, for its latest offering--a Bluetooth headset with a built-in FM radio, as seen on Coolest-Gadgets. Given all the choices there are on the market for wireless headsets, we seriously doubt that an integrated radio is going to tip the scales in favor of this one, especially for $53. At that price, … Read more

A mouse that Lilliputians would appreciate

Even in the world of ever-shrinking gadgets, small doesn't always mean better. Especially where ergonomics are concerned.

Brando's wireless mini-mouse measures less than 2.7 inches long and would be absolutely tiny to the average person as indicated by this photo, unless Andre the Giant was moonlighting as the hand model. It's definitely portable, as GeekAlerts says, weighing barely an ounce and easily carried in a pocket.

In fact, it might be too portable--we'd be afraid of losing it among the loose change. The real problem, however, is one of functionality: There's no way we … Read more

Another wireless nunchuk option surfaces

We recently reviewed the Nyko Kama Wireless Nunchuk for the Nintendo Wii, and while we considered it to be a luxury item, we thought it was a great way to rid yourself of that last wire from your Wii experience.

Now from Engadget comes word of a new wireless solution to the original nunchuk, but instead of offering a self-contained wireless unit, this adapter takes your current nunchuk and turns it into a wireless one. Just like the Nyko, this uses two AAA batteries and operates on a 2.4GHz transmitter.

From the pictures on the product page, it doesn'… Read more