Pocket now organizes articles you save based on topic, length

SAN FRANCISCO -- Bookmarking tool Pocket, which saves articles and Web sites in a central location to read later, unveiled version 5.0 of its platform at a press conference here Wednesday.

The biggest change in Pocket 5.0 is the addition of a feature called Highlights, which groups your saved items into one of four standard categories: best of, trending, long-form articles, and short articles. That means as you save a new article, video, or Web site with Pocket, the app determines how long the content is -- a short read or a long article -- and places it … Read more

iCloud can now sync bookmarks with Firefox and Chrome

iCloud users can now sync their bookmarks across all of the major browsers used in Windows.

Released on Wednesday, the iCloud Control Panel 3.0 for Windows can keep your bookmarks in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome synchronized with your Safari bookmarks on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and the Mac. Previously, iCloud supported only IE.

To turn on the new feature, download and install the 3.0 version of the iCloud Control Panel. After launching the program, click on the checkmark for Bookmarks if it's not already checked. In the Options pop-up up menu, you can then choose … Read more

Pocket optimizes for iOS 7

One of the highest-rated productivity apps on iOS, Pocket is adept at keeping your saved articles and links synced across all of your devices. While the app has already proven to be a stellar performer, its developers today release an update that allows it to take advantage of Apple's newly released mobile operating system.

To complement iOS 7's new visual design, Pocket has been outfitted with an updated interface and new icon for your device's home screen. In addition, the iOS app's performance has been tweaked, which should give you faster scrolling, searching, and tagging, according … Read more

Pocket app is coming to Samsung Galaxy Gear

Formerly known as Read It Later, Pocket is one of the most popular apps on Android. It provides an easy way of saving news articles and other items to your account, so you can pick them up for reading at a more convenient time. And because it syncs your data with the cloud, you can even use it to pick up your reading on a different device. Pocket is short-term bookmarking at its finest, and now, it's coming to Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

One of Pocket's coolest features, which will absolutely be making its way to the … Read more

Review: Firefox 23 brings more awesome to Android

Firefox for Android now introduces the "Awesome screen," a bookmark screen with direct links to saved pages not unlike the "Speed Dial" page or bookmarks page found in Opera and Chrome, respectively. Yes, you read that correctly..."Awesome screen."

A more notable upgrade is what Mozilla has done with the title bar, itself, as well as a new "Switch to Tab" function. The title bar will now attempt to automatically predict and fill in the URL of the site you're trying to reach, similar to the Omnibar functionality found in Chrome. … Read more

Bookmark files and folders in Safari

If you are a Safari user then you might be familiar with the program's Bookmarks bar, where you can save links to individual Web pages, or group them as collections in folders.

You can also use it to save any other location you can link to through Safari's address bar, including files and folders on the system.

To do this, simply drag a file to the address bar, and you should see a bookmark to it as you would any other file. You can also load some files such as images directly into Safari by dropping them on … Read more

How to point people to a particular spot in a Google Doc

Let's say you have a rambling manifesto scrawled out in a Google Doc and you'd like to share a particularly illuminating passage with your friends or followers. You could share the entire document and add a message in which you explain where to find the crux of your argument. Or you could add a Bookmark and share a link that takes someone to a specific point in your document.

To add a bookmark, first move your cursor to the spot in your Google Doc where you'd to place the bookmark. Next, from the Insert menu, choose Bookmark. … Read more

Create and edit bookmarks in PDFs for free with PDF Bookmarks

PDFs are critical to businesses and just as important to many individuals, yet big-box PDF programs are often priced beyond reach. Fortunately, most of what you need to do with PDFs can be done just as well by individual applications, many of them freeware. For example, there's SkySof's PDF Bookmarks. It can create, edit, and delete bookmarks in PDF files. Its wizard-based operation is simple enough for the most tech-averse user. And, yes, it's free.

PDF Bookmarks opens with a simple, tabbed dialog box that basically walks new users through each step. There's nothing to memorize; … Read more

Manage webloc shortcut files in OS X

One of the features that OS X supports is the creation of URL links in the Finder, which much like aliases for files and folders provide a means of loading a particular Web page or other Web resource. Browser bookmarks and favorites are perhaps a more thorough and convenient way to manage your frequently accessed URLs, but the ability to access links via the Finder is still an option that might be useful to some.

To create a URL link, simply select the URL (or the favicon next to the URL) in the address field for your Web browser and … Read more

How to add tags to Chrome bookmarks

The Internet is full of interesting things. Because of this, it's likely that you bookmark Web sites so you can easily find them later. Unfortunately, if you bookmark too many, it can be easy to lose track of each one.

If you're a Chrome user, Bookmarks Tagger has your bookmark organization needs covered. With this extension you can add tags to each bookmark making it easier to find. Using tags is a more efficient way to locate what you're looking for, especially in the case of Web sites having names that are long or unrelated to their … Read more