Apple hypes largest Asia store yet, as it looks to conquer China

Apple touted a new retail store in Beijing today, as it looks to pump up its presence in China's huge market for smartphones and other tech products, where it's recently seen a decline.

At a media preview, Apple Senior Vice President John Browett talked up what will be the company's third store in China's capital city and -- at three stories and more than 300 employees -- its largest in Asia.

The store is located in one of Beijing's most famous shopping areas, Wangfujing street. Browett also confirmed that another Apple store is scheduled to … Read more

Is this the future of Windows 8 ultrabooks?

Intel showed off the latest hybrid ultrabook concept at company confab this week. But it's been preaching this best-of-both-worlds religion for a while now.

Intel's new PC business chief, Kirk Skaugen, is making the case for hybrids this week in Beijing at an Intel conference. But CEO Paul Otellini has been proselytizing the hybrid experience since last fall and other Intel executives, like Erik Reid, have been chiming in at every opportunity too.

Here's the pitch: in "consumption" mode, it's a tablet (see photos) and in productivity mode it's a standard laptop. And throw in the fact that hybrids use the latest high-performance Intel Ivy Bridge processors and run the Windows 8 Metro interface. … Read more

Intel's 'Centerton' is first Atom chip for servers

Intel announced its first Atom chip for microservers at a major company confab in Beijing today.

The new Atom, codenamed Centerton, is a system-on-a-chip, which makes it even more power efficient than less-integrated older Atom chips.

Centerton's power envelope -- what the industry sometimes calls TDP or thermal design power -- is six watts. While not as low as the power envelope for Intel's smartphone Atom, six watts is still a lot more power efficient than Intel's more mainstream chips. Those have power envelopes of 15 watts or higher. To date, Atom has been aimed at small … Read more

Two Chrysler designs coming to the Beijing auto show

In celebration of the Year of the Dragon, Chrysler Group just announced its return to the China market at the 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition on April 23, with two new concepts.

According to a press release, Chrysler will unveil a Chrysler 300C design concept and a Jeep Wrangler design concept. Both are designed to appeal to the Chinese consumer.

Although Chrysler did not reveal any details, dark and vaguely revealing photos of the Jeep Wrangler concept show embossed leather seats, large black wheels, and a mesh grille. The Chrysler 300C offers a light, luxurious interior and a dark mysterious … Read more

BMW takes the top off the i8 hybrid concept

While most auto manufacturers are focusing their attention on the news and new models being revealed at the New York International Auto Show this week, BMW is setting its sights on the Beijing motor show, where it will debut the latest addition to the i family of vehicles.

The BMW i8 Concept Spyder is a topless two-seater version of the i8 coupe, and will make its first appearance at the Beijing motor show later this month. Slightly shorter than its 2+2 sibling, the Concept Spyder makes generous use of the carbon fiber reinforced plastic used in the LifeDrive architecture, … Read more

Apple suspends iPhone 4S sales in China after egg-throwing attack

Apple has pulled the plug on iPhone 4S sales in mainland China after unruly crowds hurled eggs at the company's flagship store in Beijing, according to reports.

Hundreds of people had waited in line overnight to grab the new phone at the Santilun outlet (English translation) in Beijing, only to find out Friday morning local time that Apple had decided not to open the store in light of safety issues over the huge throngs of people, according to the Associated Press.

In reaction, some in the crowd began hurtling eggs at the store, eventually triggering the arrival of police … Read more

Angry mob hurls eggs at Apple's tardy Beijing store

Don't mess with an angry mob of people waiting in line for a shiny new Apple product--especially if they've got produce on hand.

That was the lesson Apple's retail store in Beijing learned the hard way.

Bloomberg reports that those who had lined up for the iPhone 4S on its launch day in the country became incensed when the store did not open up for sales at the previously announced time.

According to the story, the 500 some person group began "pelting" the store with eggs, later transferring their rage to an unidentifiable "man … Read more

The 404 955: Where we steal this record (podcast)

Leaked from 404 Podcast 955:

Elvis Costello tells fans to "Steal this record." Little Printer chews your feeds into a bite-size newspaper. Groupon stock is tanking, and Jill's here to tell us why! Facebook IPO coming next spring? Bathroom break video 1: Using Siri and Viper to start a car. Bathroom break video 1: Girl totally owns the treadmill.

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Report: Fake Apple stores being forced to cover up

With a U.S. lawsuit over fake Apple retail stores in its infancy, officials in Beijing have taken steps to keep lookalike Apple retail stores in the region from fooling passers by.

China Daily reports that the city is making a concerted effort to keep unauthorized retailers from using Apple's iconic logo, as well as its related brand names from the exterior of stores. The crackdown will last a month, but as the outlet notes, it's not keeping the look-alike stores from doing business as usual on the inside.

"As of Sunday, the response to the ban … Read more

Intel invests $50 million in cloud, Chinese firms

Intel today announced two separate rounds of investment totaling about $50 million. The largest chunk of money is targeted at cloud computing and embedded technology, while other investments are focused on Chinese firms.

A total of $30 million is going to Intel Labs' latest Intel Science and Technology Centers (ISTC) at Carnegie Mellon University. Cloud computing research at the new ISTC includes an effort to make the cloud more distributed and localized.

"In the future, [new] capabilities could enable a digital personal handler via a device wired into your glasses...[it would see] what you see [and] constantly pull … Read more