Beamly TV review

Beamly TV, formerly known as Zeebox, is the leading social network for television lovers, allowing you to follow celebrities and shows, connect with other fans, and discuss your favorite programs. Beamly packs a major punch, especially at no cost to you.


Very fast, smooth design: This application is surprisingly quick. Installation takes seconds, swiping between tabs is seamless, and images send and load without hesitation. Beamly's layout is intuitive, featuring large tabs and icons that mesh with the color scheme perfectly.

Well-sized, active community: Beamly's predominant feature is the "TV Room," which is a message … Read more

Beamly TV - by zeebox review

Beamly TV - by zeebox is a fun way to keep up with all of your favorite TV shows and to find new ones to fall in love with. This app lets you customize your newsfeed with the types of programs you like to watch, and you can get local TV listings through the app, too, so you'll never miss an episode.


Highly customizable: When you open Beamly TV for the first time, you'll be prompted to select the shows you like and the stars you're most interested in following. News about the shows and stars … Read more

Beam+ robot heads for homes, waving $995 price tag

LAS VEGAS -- With the unveiling Wednesday of Suitable Technologies' Beam+, telepresence robots are becoming more affordable for many of the people who need them most.

Over the last few years, a range of companies have built telepresence robots -- devices that roll around, connecting people remotely through the use of video screens and microphones. But until now, many of the robots have been too costly for all but a few people, and have mainly belonged in the corporate world.

The Beam+, however, will start at $995 (for the first thousand units) and then will cost $1,995. This could … Read more

Those cool iOS 7 features? Android does that, too

You could say iOS 7 is revolutionary -- in the world of Apple. For several iterations now, Android users have had access to some of iOS 7's most heralded features, leaving some avid fanboys going pfffftttttt.

But maybe you've taken Android's offerings for granted. Maybe you overlooked these now-glorified features. Maybe it took the release of iOS 7 to appreciate just how plentiful your Android phone really is.

So, it's time take a little inventory. At the risk of igniting a flame war, let's look at iOS 7's best features, on Android.

1. Control … Read more

Six incredibly beautiful Live Wallpapers for your Android

Introduced all the way back in Android 2.1, Live Wallpapers provide animated, and often interactive, backgrounds that range from minimalist to downright busy.

As Android has evolved over the years and become more power-efficient, developers have created increasingly more robust Live Wallpapers.

Thanks to advances in the platform, these eye-catching backgrounds now also sip your battery charge instead of chugging.

I've put together a small collection of my favorite Live Wallpaper apps for Android, some of which are free. The apps mentioned here are uniquely different from each other and represent some of the best available for the … Read more

Meet SK Telecom's tiny Smart Beam pico projector

SHANGHAI, China -- Fancy a portable projector that you can bring anywhere in your pocket? SK Telecoms' Smart Beam projector may be just the device you are looking for.

Measuring 4.5cm (1.77 inches), the wide, cube-shaped beamer fit nicely in my palm. Weighing just 126g (4.4 ounces), it's as light as most mobile phones. The Smart Beam supports the MHL connectivity interface, and you can use any smartphone that supports this standard to connect to the pico projector.

Other key specifications include a battery life of 120 minutes, VGA native resolution, and 35 lumens of brightness … Read more

Google e-mails money; Hangouts with ponies

CNET Update geeks out:

In this episode of Update:

- Learn how to send money through Gmail using Google Wallet, and RSVP to events without ever opening your e-mail invite.

- Become a Google Hangout app master and know the secrets to sending your Bronies some ponies.

- Beam yourself to Bing to be transported to the Star Trek universe, and brush up on your Klingon while there. Qapla'!

CNET Update delivers the tech news you need in under three minutes. Watch Bridget Carey every afternoon for a breakdown of the big stories, hot devices, new apps, and what's … Read more

3D-print your own invisibility cloak, kind of

While we remain dubious about the legitimacy of using the word "invisible" when visible light isn't involved, that's what a team of engineers at Duke University have dubbed their creation. Seven years ago, they demonstrated their first "invisibility cloak" in a laboratory; now, thanks to 3D printing, the fabrication process is a lot more accessible.

The object -- which looks more like a Frisbee made of Swiss cheese than a wearable cape a la Harry Potter -- has a large hole in the center, with seemingly random holes in the disc. The size, shape, and placement of these holes have actually been determined using algorithms to disguise any object placed in the center hole from microwave beams aimed through the side of the disc, making it appear as though the object isn't there. … Read more

Beam app fills the Google Glass-to-YouTube upload gap

Google's Glass can shoot video with its built-in camera, but one missing piece is getting it right onto YouTube, which Google also happens to own.

Fullscreen, a Los Angeles-based company, has solved that with what it claims is the first YouTube app for Glass. The software, called Beam, lets Glass owners post their videos to YouTube, as well as automatically share them on Twitter once they're live.

In short, first-person crotch-shot videos will be uploaded to YouTube faster than ever.

That very same feature could eventually be added by Google at some point, but for now users either … Read more

BeamReader PDF Viewer 1.2.0 Review

BeamReader PDF Viewer is a free Android app that opens, displays, and saves PDF files and email attachments. It's compact and has most of the features you expect from a PDF reader, such as zoom, pinch-to-zoom, text wrap, bookmarks, and password protection. It's suitable for Android 2+ devices, but it doesn't seem to support Android 4 releases, and the developer seems to have stopped updating it. With excellent PDF utilities available from Adobe and others, and at the same price as BeamReader (free, as in no money) it's hard to see how it finds a place … Read more