Review: Protect your PC with Baidu Antivirus 2013's flexible options

Baidu Antivirus 2013 is light on system resources yet big on protection, fast, and free forever. Up-and-comer Baidu's antivirus solution protects your system with Baidu Antivirus and Cloud Security Engines and Avira Antivirus Engine. Baidu Antivirus can be customized to favor speed or protection, and it runs happily alongside other antivirus programs -- both uncommon traits. Baidu Antivirus 2013 (version 3.6.2) runs in Windows XP to 8.

After installing Baidu Antivirus, we did three things: verified that it played well with our existing tools (it did), updated its definitions (they were), and scanned our system. Baidu Antivirus … Read more

Baidu in talks to create smart TVs -- report

Chinese search giant Baidu is reportedly in talks with a Chinese manufacturer, Huan Technology, to help develop smart televisions.

Baidu is apparently discussing working with Huan Technology to develop a set-top box or chip for use in smart TVs, Bloomberg reported Wednesday, citing two people familiar with the matter. Baidu and Huan Technology both declined Bloomberg's request for comment.

Baidu's reported plans would take on Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, which ventured into Internet TV in July with the unveiling of its smart TV operating system and set-top box.

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Review: Explore the Internet with fast and intuitive Baidu Browser

Baidu Browser offers a light, high-speed alternative to the stock Android Web browser. It features a unique but intuitive interface with many common tools found in popular browsers as well as some additional options. Its T5 engine technology makes the browser compatible with HTML5 and definitely speeds up Web browsing. Additionally, the browser supports Flash.

When installing Baidu Browser, the user needs to accept the Terms of Use, download the improvement program, and install T5 engine, which claims to speed up surfing by up to 30 percent. After the T5 engine is downloaded, the browser will restart, automatically. Users are … Read more

Baidu to spend $1.9 billion on app distribution company

Baidu, China's largest search engine and an increasingly strong force in the country's mobile market, plans to acquire a Chinese app platform company.

Baidu announced its plans on Monday, saying that it will acquire all issued shares in 91 Wireless for $1.9 billion. Baidu will acquire 57.4 percent of 91 Wireless from its parent company, NetDragon Websoft. The remaining shares will be bought from other shareholders who own the company's issued stock.

The acquisition, the largest ever for Baidu, is an important one for the company as it attempts to take on Android in China … Read more

Chinese search engine develops Google Glass rival, says report

China's top search engine, Baidu, is working on wearable tech similar to Google's Project Glass device, according to the Chinese media.

Unnamed sources told news site that Baidu is testing a prototype called Baidu Eye.

The device has an LCD display, voice-controlled image recognition, and bone-sensing -- the same technology Google is deploying to allow for voice control functions on its Google Glass eyewear. Baidu Eye wearers will be able to make phone calls, search the Web, and use gestures to take and send photos, according to the report.

The device also will have an open … Read more

Officials: China is 'too dependent on Android'

Watch out, Google: Android is under scrutiny in China.

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology today released a white paper that takes aim at Google's Android operating system. The ministry said that Android's popularity has caused the country to become "too dependent" on the operating system. And although other companies have tried to build on top of Android, the ministry complained that the operating system's "core technology and technology road map is strictly controlled by Google."

Reuters was first to obtain the white paper and report on it.

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Bing falls to 5th global search engine, surpassed by Yandex

Yandex is probably the biggest search engine few people have ever heard of.

The Russian search engine has surpassed Microsoft's Bing in the world's top search engine rankings, according to Search Engine Watch, which got its data from ComScore.

Coming in first place is Google with 114.7 billion search queries and 65.2 percent of the market share. China's Baidu ranked second with 14.5 billion queries and 8.2 percent share. Third was Yahoo with 8.6 billion queries and 4.9 percent share. And, fourth was Yandex with 4.8 billion queries and 2.… Read more

Apple is No. 8 on Fortune's list of fastest-growing companies

Despite competition from Android, Apple is doing just fine, at least according to Fortune's list of the fastest-growing companies around the world.

Apple came in third on the list of the top 100 companies with a three-year average growth in profit of 70 percent and a gain in sales of 52 percent. Over the past year, Apple's stock price has soared 80 percent, helping it to become the biggest company in the U.S. based on market value.

The one disappointment cited by Fortune was Apple's fiscal 2012 third quarter when earnings and iPhone sales were lower than Wall Street expected. … Read more

Baidu integration lands on iOS as early as next week, report says

For months now, rumors have surfaced, claiming Apple will integrate Chinese search engine Baidu into iOS. All of those rumors might finally come true next week, according to a new report.

According to Bloomberg, citing unidentified sources, Apple could add Baidu's search to iOS as early as next week. Although the sources didn't say exactly when the announcement could happen, it would make sense for it to come down at the Worldwide Developers Conference Apple kicks off on June 11.

Baidu is currently not available to iOS users in China. Instead, like in the U.S., Google's … Read more

Baidu integration in iOS still in the works?

When China-based users search the Web, they currently don't have the option to automatically choose Baidu. But that may eventually change, according to a report out of the country.

China's Sina Tech Web site has reported, citing sources, that Apple will be integrating Baidu search into its iOS platform. The publication didn't say exactly when the integration will be coming, but if it eventually happens, it could be a blow to Google, which is currently the default search engine on Chinese iPhones. [Editors' note: After posting this story, we discovered that the reports from today are linking … Read more