10 must-see videos of the week

It's Friddday! Which means it's time to roundup the best of the week in CNET video.

In our latest installment of our new How-To, DIY-tech series, The Fix, our resident how-to guru's offer up expert advice on building the ultimate home theater. They'll show you how to easily and affordably install a TV, give you tips on choosing the right screen size, as well as our top three ways to add audio to your home theater. You'll be your own home theater specialist by episode's end.

Earlier this week, Amazon revealed that it would … Read more

'Hitchhiker's Guide' text adventure gets 30th-anniversary update

Gather round, children. Way back in 1984, a software company released a text adventure version of Douglas Adams' classic offbeat sci-fi tale, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." As usual with the text adventure genre, there were no fancy graphics, elaborate sound effects, or any of the trappings of modern video games. It was just words describing scenes and giving you a chance to try to manipulate objects and solve puzzles, all based on Arthur Dent's journey through a somewhat tragicomic universe.

It's now 2014 and text adventures are relics of the past, but that hasn't stopped the BBC from issuing a 30th Anniversary Edition of the original Infocom game. This new version works in HTML5, has a large interface, and includes a feature that lets you tweet from the game to share your achievements.

The game is alternately challenging, frustrating, and fun. The BBC gives fair warning: "The game will kill you frequently. It's a bit mean like that."

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Embark on a space survival adventure on iOS

Out There is a sort of a turn-based space survival game where your job is to stay alive long enough to get back to Earth. What's interesting is that it plays out a bit like the card game Solitaire; even if you do everything right, you're going to need a lot of luck in order to win.

Out There isn't an action game, and you won't take part in big space battles. And no, there's no fire button or twitch-like controls at all. Instead, it's a dark, melancholic sci-fi adventure backed by an equally … Read more

10 must-see videos of the week

It should be no surprise that this week's video roundup is all about Mobile World Congress. All eyes were on Samsung this year as they announced an assortment of new goodies, including the Gear 2, new Gear Fit as well as the highly-anticipated Galaxy S5. Senior Editor Jessica Dolcourt runs down the key specs and features of the new superphone from Samsung in our First Take. With its fingerprint scanner, heart rate sensor, and a whole roster of muscular specs loaded with features Apple Byte wonders, should Apple be worried? Would the rumored iPhone 6 be able to top … Read more

Galaxy S5 fans, here is why the S3 was more important (video)

With invites for Samsung's 'Unpacked' event sent out, we're likely only a few weeks away from getting our first official look at Samsung's long-awaited Galaxy S5. But Samsung wouldn't have got this far without the Galaxy S3 -- a true turning point for the South Korean tech giant. Press Play on the video above to see how Samsung's third flagship turned the company from imitator to innovator.

The Galaxy S3 wasn't just an amazing smartphone in its own right, it represented a change for Samsung, a moment where the company found its Galactic groove, … Read more

10 must-see videos of the week

We've got another great lineup for you this week, including brand new episodes of your favorite shows, how-to tips, hot first looks and more.

After an extended break, Googlicious is back with a fresh new episode that's packed with all the Google and Android scoop you could ask for. Host Brian Tong dishes out the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors, and is Samsung attempting to beat Google Glass with a Galaxy Glass?

And while most of us likely won't get the luxury of attending this weekend's big game in person, why not do the next best … Read more

10 must-see videos of the week

Hot on the heels of CES 2014, we're right back at it with another great week of fresh video content presented to you here, for your viewing pleasure.

In the latest episode of Adventures in Tech, we go back in time to explore the life and death of the Sega Dreamcast and try to understand why this quirky game machine ultimately flopped so hard that it forced Sega to quit the console market entirely. Apple Byte digs into more iPhone 6 rumors. And are some very popular Apple products about to get bigger screens? We also round up some … Read more

Review: Sharpen up your shooting skills in Extreme Shooting Adventure

Extreme Shooting Adventure isn't very challenging or innovative, but it is a relatively fun shooter. There is enough here to please most gun fans -- even if the game is really repetitive. If you like neverending shooting games, this one is worth playing.

This game gives you unlimited ammo to shoot down bottles, explosives, munitions crates, and more across a seemingly endless number of levels. You don't get to choose your weapon or choose the level you want to start with, though. Instead, the game starts you at the beginning and advances you to the next level the … Read more

iOS vs. Android: The psychology that fuels the phone wars (video)

It's a battle that threatens to rend the Internet asunder with its forum-fraying ferocity: iOS vs. Android.

But why do we get so worked up over our operating systems? The latest episode of CNET's Adventures in Tech delves deep inside the human brain, to explain how something as simple as a smartphone operating system can trigger a prehistoric response in our stone-age psyche. Press Play now.

To uncover the arcane secrets of our mystifying minds, Adventures in Tech enlists the help of psychology lecturer Mark Coulson, who's on hand to unwrap the powerful psychological processes that kick … Read more

Why the iPhone 4 is the best iPhone ever (video)

The iPhone 4 is the best iPhone ever. Ever. In the latest episode of Adventures in Tech, we explain why Apple's fourth mobile is the best it's built.

Hit play now to hear our reasoning.

Fours of nature The Retina display. The lightning-fast A4 chip. A stunning new design. And a front-facing camera for taking questionable selfies. The hardware alone is enough to put the iPhone 4 leagues ahead of its rivals, both past and present. But there are plenty of other reasons to crown this 3.5-inch marvel king of the iPhones.… Read more