AdSense to let bloggers earn money through ads bloggers will now be able to earn a few bucks on their posts courtesy of advertising.

The popular blogging site is kicking off a new feature called WordAds, according to a blog posted earlier today by ads lead Jon Burke. Partnering with Federated Media, will display advertisements on qualifying blogs, letting their owners earn some cash from each ad.

WordPress, which Burke said signs up 50,000 new blogs every day, had apparently received requests over the years to allow advertising on the blogs created by its users, but resisted the temptation because of … Read more

Google to crack down further on ads for fake goods

Google is promising a few improvements to its online ad system to help stop the spate of advertisers hawking counterfeit items.

In a blog posted yesterday, the search giant tallied the number of advertisers using AdWords at more than 1 million spread across at least 190 different countries. As a result, finding specific accounts that advertise phony products can be a challenge. Google was able to shut down around 50,000 such accounts just in the second half of 2010, but the company admits that more needs to be done.

To help stop the proliferation of fake items sold through … Read more

Google faces new French antitrust claims

A search company has made fresh antitrust complaints against Google to the European Commission, alleging that Google blocked some of its rivals from using its AdSense advertising platform.

Today, 1plusV--the publisher of legal search engine, which has a longstanding complaint against Google--said AdSense was "the only truly effective way of obtaining targeted advertising on a search engine," and Google's refusal to allow vertical search engines such as access to AdSense was designed to stifle competition.

According to 1plusV, when complained to the Commission over other practices in February 2010, Google delisted … Read more

Google's double standard on user-generated content

Updated 5:05 p.m. PST with comment from Google.

When it comes to user-generated content, Google has adopted a "do as I say, not as I do" policy.

The company's AdSense team sent out a reminder to its partners today that contained a few jaw-dropping statements about Google's policies on the content produced by AdSense partners. "You are responsible for ensuring that all of your content, including user-generated content such as forum posts, blog comments or outside feeds, is in compliance with AdSense policies on any page or site for which you've enabled … Read more

Google agreement ends Italian antitrust case

Italy has closed its antitrust investigation into Google after the company modified news and advertising provisions there.

The issue arose in 2009 when Italian news sites raised concerns that requesting their sites be removed from Google News would mean they'd also be removed from Google's main search results. The complaint led to a broader inquiry of the search giant.

Google committed to leaving the main search results unchanged by a news organization's involvement in Google News, according to The Associated Press, and also to sharing more information about AdSense, a program in which Google supplies ads for … Read more

Has Google jumped sides in copyright war?

Among those who favor less restrictive copyright laws, Google once possessed undeniable street-cred.

When it came to standing up for the right of Internet users to freely exchange information online, the perception was Google would hold the line. The search engine sparred over copyright issues with newspapers, book publishers, recording companies, and big Hollywood studios--even fending off a $1 billion copyright complaint filed against it by Viacom, parent company of MTV. As for enforcement, Google made its position clear: the job of policing the Web for pirated content belonged to copyright owners.

But yesterday, Google's position began to blur. … Read more

Google's primer on how it helps the economy

OAKLAND, Calif.--Everyone knows that Google is the richest Internet company of our time. But Google doesn't think people know enough about the impact its services have on the broader economy.

In an effort to shine a brighter light on its economic contributions, Google held a series of press conferences around the country Tuesday highlighting the impact that AdWords, AdSense, and Google nonprofit grants have on the small business community. The events accompanied the release of a report claiming that Google advertisers generated $54 billion in U.S. economic activity during 2009, and that doesn't even count the … Read more

Google discloses AdSense revenue share

Google has finally revealed how it shares advertising revenue with AdSense customers who run Google ads on their own sites.

AdSense customers are publishers who run "Ads by Google" ads on their pages as well as those who use a custom Google search box on their site and run search-related ads. Those in the first category--AdSense for content--receive 68 percent of the revenue that Google earns for selling those ads, while AdSense for search customers get 51 percent of that revenue, the company revealed for the first time Monday in a blog post.

Major publishers negotiate individual deals … Read more

Yahoo to shutter AdSense clone at the end of April

Yahoo on Wednesday announced that it has decided to close the Yahoo Publisher Network, the company's answer to Google AdSense.

The Yahoo Publisher Network, an advertising platform enabling small Web publishers to place ads on their sites to drive revenue, will officially close on April 30. The service has been in beta testing since its launch nearly five years ago.

In an e-mail sent to Publisher Network users, Yahoo said users of its service might want to consider moving to Chitika, another ad platform that the company says serves more than "2 billion monthly impressions across more than … Read more

Google Friend Connect adds profiles, ads

Google Friend Connect is adding a few features that make it easier for Web site publishers to build their own social networks.

Visitors to Web sites that use Google Friend Connect will soon have the option of filling out a profile on that site that can connect them to like-minded individuals who frequent those sites. They can then search for other profiles on that site with matching tags, introduce themselves to those users through the site without having to post an e-mail address, and see content on the site tailored to their interests, said Mussie Shore, product manager for Google … Read more