Review: AccuWeather is an effective, but rudimentary iOS app

AccuWeather offers many of the same features as other weather apps in the App Store, but without the same style, attention to detail, or focus on key data that users are looking for. The result is an information-rich, but roughly-crafted app that is sometimes slow to load, not always intuitive to navigate, and ultimately not as effective as similar apps.

AccuWeather is not a bad app, however. It does many things well, starting with the general loading speed of the app, the panel of information provided on the home screen, and accessibility of additional information without loading excess videos or … Read more

Review: Discover weather in your area with AccuWeather for Android

AccuWeather for Android delivers all of your favorite weather-related information right to your device. This slick application also includes a few useful widgets that enable you to customize your home page with up-to-date weather forecasts.

Downloading and installing AccuWeather for Android is quite easy, even for the beginner. At first the application seemed a bit large, but this is due to the widgets that are included and its incredible programming. A beautiful interface immediately opens up and invites the user to begin the setup process. This process only takes a couple of minutes and is easy. A one-touch option allows … Read more

Seven awesome weather apps for Android

Weather is one of those things you pay attention to during the more extreme climate seasons like summer and winter. You'll want to see if it's going to be cold in the morning when you wake up or really hot in the afternoon so you can dress appropriately for your day. You may find one of these apps suitable by itself, or you can try combining a couple of them to get the most information.

The Weather Channel

One of the most popular weather apps by far. The daily information is excellent in this app because it includes … Read more

NOAA supercomputers to forecast better weather?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced this week that it has finally completed a nine-year, $180 million project aimed at installing new supercomputers to aid in more accurately predicting weather. The primary IBM supercomputer is now called Stratus. Its backup is dubbed Cirrus.

The new supercomputers, based on IBM Power 575 Systems, are capable of making 69.7 trillion calculations per second. According to NOAA, the faster the calculation speeds, the greater the chances that meteorologists can rapidly update severe weather forecasts as dangerous weather affects local communities. Billions of bytes are entered into the supercomputers each day to help predict the weather more accurately.

Just how important NOAA's new supercomputers are to our understanding and prediction of weather is easily understated.

Right now, Stratus contains about 20 weather models that predict worldwide weather accurately for about five days. A few decades ago, weather models could forecast weather accurately up to only about two days.

Those 20 weather models rarely change. They analyze conditions such as temperature, humidity, and precipitation to give organizations ranging from the National Weather Service to local meteorologists data on which they can base forecasts.

According to Ben Kyger, director of central operations for the National Center of Environmental Prediction, a division of NOAA, "We analyze weather conditions on grids we lay over maps of the world. In order for meteorologists to accurately predict a hurricane's path, for example, NOAA needs to pinpoint weather conditions in 1-kilometer grids of distance." Right now, those spans "are not even close to that."

How does it work? In order to improve forecasting, a lot of work needs to be done. Right now, scientists from around the world are analyzing Stratus' weather models to find ways to improve them. When they think that they've come up with an improvement, NOAA analyzes the new models.

If it likes what it sees, NOAA takes it open source. It installs the new model on the Cirrus supercomputer to run in parallel with the approved model on Stratus. Scientists, weather experts, and even you and I can view the new model and inspect it for errors. Errors found are removed or tweaked. If no errors can be found, and the new data enhances weather forecasting, it will be put into operation and replace the existing model that it improved upon.… Read more

Rumor: AccuWeather, Mercedes partner
on next-generation navigation system

AccuWeather may be teaming up with Mercedes to develop a next-generation navigation system, according to a source within the Pennsylvania-based weather forecasting company.

More than delivering just weather temperatures and forecasts, the partnership will integrate real-time weather information into the navigation system to inform drivers of potentially dangerous driving weather.

When a driver programs a route, the navigation system will use weather overlays provided by AccuWeather to predict encounters with rain, snow, or extreme conditions. The information should help drivers be more prepared for bad weather and improve safety.

Turn to these sites if the weather is bad

The weather over the past few days has been awful across the U.S. Just as I was thinking that spring had finally sprung, another six inches of snow fell and, once again, I was forced to head outside and start shoveling.

Only this time, I didn't even know the storm was coming. I hadn't visited my typical weather destinations on the Web and I hadn't checked out my mobile apps. It was, for the lack of a better term, a perfect storm. So when I woke up yesterday morning and saw just how much snow had … Read more

AccuWeather floats a new weather widget for AIR

Just in time for Groundhog Day, I pulled together a small collection of desktop weather applications for checking everything from current weather conditions to 15-day forecasts and detailed readings on wind and clouds. For those with modest forecast needs, Yahoo and Google both offer a small, attractive widget that shows the temperature at a glance. The only problem is, you have to have already installed a much larger desktop application in order to get the tiny widget.

On Friday, AccuWeather released an even simpler solution--a small weather-checker for Windows, Mac, and Linux that runs on the free Adobe AIR platform (… Read more

AccuWeather mashes forecast tool into Google Maps

Google Maps has worked hard to place just about every capability you'd want when you stare at a map into its Web app. That includes the ability for third-party developers to ornament Google's maps with their own KML, or keyhole markup language, mapplets. announced today its Forecast Snapshot for Google Maps. The add-on slips into the MyMaps tab of a user account and offers multiple ways to fetch the weather forecast while fixating on a particular locale.

Click the map, or enter the ZIP code or city into the search bar to grab meteorological data in Celsius or Fahrenheit. displays a three-day forecast in the sidebar and on the map face, but the widgetlike qualities stop there. Clicking for compressed or extended forecasts, animated radar, or anything else opens new tabs on… Read more

iPhone app:

Sure, the iPhone already has a built-in weather widget, but that didn't stop the weather experts over at from developing their own iPhone-friendly Web app. The iPhone app is a little more detailed than the one on the iPhone, complete with a map and a 15-day forecast. You can also monitor the weather of three different cities.

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